The First Season of Teen Hybrid, an American supernatural drama, was developed by DeJon Flanagan, Jeff Davis a little based upon Teen Wolf Mtv's will premier on June 3,2013 and conclued on August 5, 2013 on theMTV network. The season featured 17 episodes.

Samuel Wolfe


The first season deals with the changes and dangers Sam encounters after he is turned into a werebrid. He must adapt to the changes in his body and life upon every blue moon or full blue moon, and maintain relationships with people around him.

Episodes 2013

No | # | Title | Summary | Original air date
1 | 1 | Hybrid Moon | Sam McWolf, a 16-year-old kind of popular kid, and his best friend Miles go into the woods to find a dead body whose one half is missing, but Miles' father, the heriff, catches Miles and takes him home. While Sam is going back home, he hears a wolf howl and is subsequently bitten in the abdomen by the wolf. The next day, at hishigh school's slamball team tryouts, Sam discovers new abilities like super hearing, enhanced strength, agility and reflexes.
2 | Second Chance for the First Line|

Main Cast

  • Jahmil French as Samuel Wolfe ,the main protagonist he is a 16-year-old asthmatic slamball playing high school kind of outcast at Beacon Hills High School. After being bitten by a werebire, he gains extraordinary supernatural abilities that aid his normal life, but he struggles to hide his unwanted new life as werebire from his peers, including his love interest and his mother, as he tries to balance both lives and protect his close ones.

After Sam is bitten by a werebrid, he starts discovering new abilities like super hearing, enhanced strength, agility, reflexes and healing. He gets the attention of the new girl, Alexis and soon,she becomes his gir lfriend.

  • Jessica Parker Kenndy as a Alexis Theron

  • Doc Shaw as Myles Sycamore

  • Chris Brown as Bennie Lyall

  • Vansaa Morgan as Jacinta

  • Trey Songz as Alaric Derrec McWolf

  • as Tony McWolf- The alpha hybrid who wonts revenge on the hunters who killed half of his Werebrid family.

Tony's Pack

  • Daniel Parker

  • Jamie Artemis

  • Dave Brown

  • Ashley Belion

  • Scott

Hybrid Hunters

  • Dave Theron

  • Tom

  • Destiny Theron

  • Jennifer

  • Conrad



Samuel & Detrick's Werebrid's form


ALpha Hybrid aka Tony McWolf

Sam and Dertick Werebrid forms they both can turn half way by just there eyes or Claws.

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