You thought Talking with Dinosaurs was Fun, wait till you see this!


Zac Efron - Jeremy

Taylor Swift - Sara John DiMaggio - Entelodon, Wooly Mammoth

Clancy Brown - Brontothere

Jennifer Hale - Indrickothere, Basilosaurus, Gastornis

Jonathan Adams - Australapethicus, Deinotherium

Martain Jarvis - Leptictidium

David Lodge - Andrewsarcus, Deinofelis

Miguel Fererr - Smilodon, Phorusrochus

Bill Fagerbakke - Moerotherium, Megatherium, Wooly Rhino

Brian George - Propaleotherium, Godinocia, Bear-Dog

Troy Baker - Hyenadon, Calicothere, Doedicurius

Greg Cipes - Ambelocetus, Durodon, Cave Lion

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