After Transfomers: Prime has ran it's course, Hasbro finally begins talks of a continution for Transformers: Animated, Cartoon Network finally agrees to more seasons for a new block much simmilar to Toonami. TFA Season 4 will use the animation from the Japanese opening Transformers Evo for the opening theme. They will also reuse the original 1 minute opening instead of the 30 seconds one. Derrick J. Wyatt, Marty Insenberg and crew will return to the show.


In season 4, Megatron and the other Decepticons are in prison on Cybertron and the autobots have returned to Cybertron.Megatron then senses The Fallen has awoken.He then sends Strika and her team to free Megatron and the Decepticons to find the All Spark fragments all over earth for he can absorb it's power. Ironhiude will be joining the team too as they find the Allspark fragments back on earth, however things get more trickier when Porter C. Powell finally siezes mayoral offices and exacts his revenge. Many Truths are learned such as Whatever happened to The Predacons Blackarachinia and Waspinator, Team Athenia, How Sentinel Prime ensured himself to become the new Magnus, Who Lockdown is really working for, Sari's true origins and the return of the chaos bringer himself Unicron.

Voice Cast and Crew

Main Cast

  • David Kaye - Optimus Prime, Lugnut, Grimlock, Warpath, Cliffjumper
  • Corey Burton - Megatron, Ratchet, Longarm Prime/Shockwave, Ironhide (1st voice), Spike Witwicky, Deathsaurus, Brawn
  • Bumper Robinson - Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Blackout, Porter C. Powell
  • Bill Faggerbakke - Bulkhead, Hot Shot
  • Tom Kenny - Starscream, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Ramjet, Sunstorm, Thrust, Dirge, Waspinator, Issac Sumdac, Jetfire, Scrapper
  • Tara Strong - Sari Sumdac, Slipstream, Strika, Red Alert, Carly Witwicky,Daniel Witwicky
  • Phil LaMarr - Jazz, Jetstorm, Oil Slick, Alpha Trion, Omega Supreme
  • Townsend Coleman - Sentinel Prime/Magnus
  • Diedrich Bader - Ironhide (2nd voice), Bonecrusher
  • Kari Wahlgren - Arcee (2nd voice), Nancy Witwicky, Teletran-2
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Barricade, Breakaway, Iron Fist/Fistitron

Additional Cast

  • Jeff Bennett - Ultra Magnus, Prowl, Mixmaster, Soundwave
  • Cree Summer - Blackarachnia/Elita-1
  • Lance Henriksen - Lockdown
  • "Weird" Al Yankovic - Wreck-Gar
  • Judd Nelson - Rodimus Prime
  • John Moschitta J,R - Blurr, Punch/Counterpunch
  • George Takei - Yoketron
  • Fred Willard - Swindle
  • John Mariano - Dirt Boss
  • J.B Blanc - Scavanger, Devastator, Snarl
  • John DiMaggio - Wheeljack, Sideways, Sky-Byte
  • Curtis Armstrong - Jolt
  • Robert Englund - Flatline
  • Neil Ross - Sideswipe, Hightower
  • Chris Cox - Sunstreaker, Astrotrain
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Swoop, Scalpel
  • R. Lee Ermey - Kup
  • Jim Cummings - Scourge, Long Haul
  • Rick D. Wasserman - Cyclonus, Spittor
  • Dwight Schultz - Galvatron
  • Charlie Adler - Tarantulas, Silverbolt
  • Tony Todd - Megatronus Prime/The Fallen
  • Peter Stormare - Meltdown, Rampage
  • Frank Welker- Unicron
  • Peter Cullen- Primus

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