Superman The Elite is the sequel to Man of Steel which may release in 2015


  • · Henry Cavil – Superman
  • · Amy Adams – Lois Lane
  • · Billy Zane – Lex Luthor
  • · Alan Rickman(Voice only) – Brainiac
  • · Sam Worthington – Metallo
  • · Steel
  • · Bret Harrison – Jimmy Olsen
  • · Pete Ross – Matt Demon
  • · Doomsday
  • · Laurence Fishbrun – Perry White
  • · Maggie Q – Mercy Graves
  • · Eliza Dushku – Leslie Willis
  • · Tom Berenger – Morgan Edge
  • · Angela Basset - Amanda Waller
  • · Michael Ironside –General Sam Lane
  • · Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent
  • · Richard Schiff – Dr Emill Hamilton
  • · Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern (Cameo)
  • · Darkseid (Cameo)


Lex Luthor attempt to find means to destroy Superman ans is slowly becoming obsessed with his powers and eventually finds out that he is vulnerable to Kryptonite.He recruits John Corben who was relieved from his marine services due to his anger management issues and agrees to go under some experiments which turns him into Metallo a Half human half cyborg with a Kryptonite Heart. As a plan John Corben attacks a Project Cadmus research facility and breaks an Alien captured years age from the captivity Code Name Doomsday. A battle starts between Doomsday and Superman,an injured Superman finally defeats Doomsday with some help from Steel after which John Corben attacks him and supposedly kills him. A Superman’s funeral is organised but is intrupped by arrival of Brain-I.A.C who comes on earth looking for the last surviving Kryptonian and subsequently gets into a fight with Steel whom he easily defeats. While Hal Jordan arrives on the Scene after knowing that Brainiac was created by Guardians of Universe but gained his own consciousness. Brainiac opens Superman’s Tomb but the coffin turns out to be empty.

Amanda Waller meets Lex Luthor and tell him that she knows that Superman is in his custody and if she wont let him go she has the power to destroy him. Lex lets go Superman but subsequently frees Doomsday as well. A Battle ensues Doomsday is defeated by Superman while Metallo is defeated by Steel. An Anti Superman Radio Jokey who records the show from the fight scene gets into an accident presumably dying . Superman then defeats Brainiac as well with some assistance from Lex Luthor.

Mid Credtis show a Detective arriving his appartment and turning into Martian Manhunter looking a news paper clipping in background

After credits Leslie Willis wakes up in Lex Luthor’s secret lab only to find out that she has got ability to control electricity. Brainiac’s head is shown in background

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