Superman: Hero of Steel is an American animated action-adventure-science fiction superhero television series based on Superman by DC Comics, being created by TBD. It is produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation and it will premiere on WB Kids on TBD 2020.


In this new animated adventures of Superman, the episodes follows his battles againt crime with the help of Superboy and Supergirl, while leading with his double life as Clark Kent.



  • Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman (voiced by Nolan North) - a Kryptonian who becomes a superhero fighting crime in Metropolis.
  • Kon-El/Conner Kent/Superboy (voiced by Will Friedle) - a younger clone of Kal-El who TBD.
  • Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl (voiced by Kath Soucie) - Kal-El's cousin who TBD.


  • Lois Lane (voiced by Cristina Pucelli) - Clark's partner at the Daily Planet who loves Superman but ignores Clark.
  • James "Jimmy" Olsen (voiced by Ben Schwartz) - a photojournalist at the Daily Planet who is Superman’s biggest fan.
  • Perry White (voiced by Daran Norris) - the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet who TBD.
  • Catherine "Cat" Grant (voiced by Grey Griffin) - TBD
  • Ronald "Ron" Troupe (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Steve Lombard (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Jonathan and Martha Kent (voiced by Jim Cummings and Susanne Blakeslee, respectively) - Clark's adoptive parents who raised him as a baby.
  • Krypto the Superdog (vocal effects by Frank Welker) - TBD
  • John Henry Irons/Steel (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - TBD
  • Prof. Emil Hamilton (voiced by Mark Hamill or TBD) - TBD
  • Captain Maggie Sawyer (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van (also voiced by Daran Norris and Grey Griffin, respectively) - Kal-El's biological parents who died while sending him to Earth, being only seen through visions and flashbacks.


  • Alexander "Lex" Luthor (voiced by Steven Blum) - the manipulative CEO of LexCorp who is obsessed with Superman.
    • Mercedes "Mercy" Graves (voiced by Liliana Mumy) - Lex's secretary who is secretly a robot.
  • General Dru-Zod (voiced by Ron Perlman) - a rogue Kryptonian general who TBD.
    • Ursa (voiced by Tara Platt) - Zod's henchwoman who TBD.
    • Non (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Vril Dox/Brainiac (voiced by Jim Meskimen) - an alien who collects planets, being out to shrink Earth.
  • John Corben/Metallo (voiced by Crispin Freeman) - TBD
  • Rudy Jones/Parasite (voiced by Brock Baker) - a kid-hating janitor who falls into energy, becoming an energy sucking parasite.
  • The Intergang, consisting of:
    • Bruno "Ugly" Manheim (voiced by John DiMaggio) - TBD
    • Morgan Edge (voiced by TBD) - TBD
  • Albert Michaels/Atomic Skull (voiced by Seán McLoughlin) - a horror movie fan who gets into a nuclear accident, turning him into a nuclear being.
  • Winslow Schott/Toyman (voiced by Tom Kenny) - TBD
  • Mr. Mxyzptlk (voiced by Charlie Adler) - TBD
  • Oswald Loomis/Prankster (voiced by Mark Fischbach) - a criminal who loves to pull deadly pranks.
  • Bizarro (also voiced by Nolan North) - TBD
  • Lobo (voiced by Greg Baldwin) - TBD


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  • Some villains' origins in the series are changed.