Superhuman (stylized as SUPER|HUMAN) is an American drama mockumentary series created, written and produced by Robert Jones-Bussing. The series chronicles a fictional documentary show titled Superhuman and its crew as they document the lives of various individuals with extraordinary abilities throughout the United States. Premiering on November 19, 2013, the series is broadcast in the United States and Canada on NBC and is a production of Universal Television, a production arm of NBC.

Superhuman has received almost universal critical acclamation for its originality, acting, writing and direction as well as the "found-footage" format it utilizes.



Superhuman was created by Robert Jones-Bussing, who has written and directed several blockbuster films such as Terminus and The Batman. Jones-Bussing originally conceived Superhuman as a possible film idea, but decided to make it a long-running serial.

Cast and characters

  • Simon Baker as David L. Gates: A famed documentarian who becomes the leading producer and host of Superhuman. James Frain was originally chosen to play David, but Jones-Bussing ultimately chose Simon Baker for the role after seeing him in the long-running CBS television series The Mentalist. Baker described David as "your average, ordinary documentarian trying to provide to you an insight on the rather stressful lives of these 'superhumans'" and went on to say "David is one to judge before observing, and even manages to adopt the quirkiness and charm that Patrick Jane has."
  • Gregory Myhre as Cameron "Cam" Moreno: The cameraman of Superhuman.
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Marcileno Hughes: A portuguese man who came to America with his parents when he was only a young child. Marcileno lives in St. Louis, Missouri and possesses the power to manipulate fire and electricity.
  • Omar Benson Miller as Lorenzo Henricks: A football player who has the attribute of superhuman strength and endurance.

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