Since the aftermath of the first film, Babydoll is trying to survive from her lobotomy, by going into another dream world, and shared it with some new friends into overthrowing the stepfather who has taken over her own home.


May 30, 2014


  • Babydoll (Emily Browning) - learned that her mother was giving her possessions of her to her, before her death, real name revealed to be Zoe Bruchill, in the end, Leaves for her homeland in New Jersey!
  • Trent Wilson (Tom Felton) - Babydoll's love interest, and had wealth like Babydoll, and their fathers were fixing to share it with themselves for them to marry each other, in the end, marries Babydoll!
  • Vincent Valmont (Chris Hemsworth) - a weaponsman who helps Babydoll take back her home, in the end, gets killed by Von Clutch!
  • Jessica Ryker (Jennifer Lawrence) - helps Babydoll take back her home, in the end, escapes with Trent!
  • Wendy Daring (Brendan Jefferson) - helps Babydoll take back her home, in the end, gets killed by Von Clutch!
  • Gwen Bruchill (Rachel Weisz) - Babydoll's late mother
  • Lilly Bruchill (Ciara Bravo) - Babydoll's late sister
  • Sherman (Scott Glenn) - the old man who was seen in Babydoll's illusion since 2011, in the end, takes them home!
  • Francis Brown (Ciran Hinds) - the stepfather of Babydoll, and killer of her sister, and planned her to lobotomized, and was revealed to have died of an overdose of drugs after being drunk that Babydoll's mother was giving her possessions of Babydoll and Francis
  • Frank Von Clutch (John Travolta) - the main antagonist, the man who murdered Babydoll's father, his goal is to make her talk about the family history, has the same tone as Travolta's character, Howard Saint from Punisher, in the end, falls out the window and eaten by Sharks!



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