Strike Witches: Boy's X Silver Wings (ストライクウィッチーズ: 少年クロス銀翼, Sutoraikuu~itchīzu shōnen Kurosu gin'yoku) is a flight action and love simulation video game. released for PS Vita and 3DS


Alternate sequel timelines of srrike witches 2. Yoshika Miyafuji and Mio Sakamoto has lost their magic and 501st must find a new recruit to fill the vacant membership. in the search for a new member in Okinawa Mio meets a male witch Yukino and his friend Shina. they're Abalone seekers and both has magic potential...


The gameplay of Shounen x Silver Wings is a mix between flight action simualtion with dating sims. player can choose one partner in each mission. one of interested feature is a Cross Raid, allow player to unite their attack with their partner for increase Cross Raid damage. player must extend their relationship with other witches



Yukino Musashi (武蔵雪乃, Musashi Yukino)

Voiced by: Asami Shimoda

Yuki is an orphan boy who live with Baba and her granddaughter also Yuki heart interest, Shina. His feminine appearance make him mistaken as a girl. Like Yoshika he has trauma when his mother death. That's because he's refuse Mio's offer to join 501st. After Neuroi Hive invade Okinawa and his mother passion in the past his will to protect peoples was appear.

As a "male" witch Yukino gaining his Kishu type-dog familiar. He's carrying Type 99 machine gun, he also has dual swords named Tenchi and Amenoumi. for his striker unit he using Mitsubishi A6M Zero later Shinden MkII. His name based on Masayoshi Tsuruno the designer of "Shinden".

Shina Matsukaze (松風支那, Matsukaze Shina)

Voiced by: Kugimiya Rie

Yuki's childhood friend, even though has a cheerful person but she has fragile and coward side. She's love yuki since her child. After joining 501st she become more brave to face everything. Shina's magic ability is healing but no stronger as Yoshika's. Her weapon is Type 99 and her striker unit is Mitsubishi A6M Zero. her name based on Kiyoshi Ogawa.

Lady Baba (ババ様, Baba-sama)

Voiced by: Ikuko Tani

Witch elder of Okinawa. Shina's grandmother and caretaker of Yuki .

Kanna Iroha (いろはカンナ, 'Iroha kan'na)

Voiced by: Nana Mizuki

Yuki and Shinai's best friend. She has a crush with Yukino, but Yuki looks like choose Shina she decides to give up.

Elisabeth A Archer.

Voiced by: Sayaka Ohara.

New Vice-commander of 501st after Major Sakamoto's resigning. she's more harsh and strict than Mio.

From 501st Joint Figther Wings

Yoshika Miyafuji.

Mio Sakamoto.

Minna Dietlinnde Wilcke.

Lynnette Bishop.

Charlotte E Yaeger.

Fransesca Lucchini.

Perrine H Clostermann.

Gertrude Barkhorn.

Erica Hartmann.

Sanya V Litvyak.

Eila Ilmatar Juutilianen.

From Tenkuu no Otometachi

Junko Takei.

From One Winged Witches

Wilma Bishop.

From 502nd Joint Fighter Wings

Kanno Naoe.

Waltrud Krupinski.

From Strike Witches: The Movie

Shizuka Hattori.

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