Stick Boyz is a CN Show.
Stick Boyz


  • Blue: The main leader of the Stick Boyz.
  • Red: The crazy fool of the Stick Boyz.
  • Green: The one that get's confused a little.
  • Yellow: A stick figure who makes up cartoons.
  • Purple: A stickette who is in love with Green.
  • Orange: The funny dude.
  • Pink: Another Stickette who is in love with Red.
  • Light Blue: The 3rd Stickette who loves Blue.
  • Black: A teeanger.
  • White: A smart guy.


List of episodes for Stick Boyz


  • Some people call it "The Kid Version of Dick Figures", Like how they call Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi "The Kid Version of Panty & Stocking".

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