Bianca is a young girl who lost her mother to be abused by an stepfather. And an african american woman becomes a mother figure to the girl and starts to believe her suspicion towards her evil stepfather.




  • Bree Francks (Halle Barry) - the mother figure to Bianca Widower, adopts Bianca!
  • Bianca Widower (Alexys Nicole Smith) - the girl who lost her mother, she accepts Bree as her adoptive mother!
  • Lucas Hanchet (Oscar Isaac) - the main antagonist, his goal is to win the will of the family, and rule the mob, he is the stepfather of ???, after he married Jodi Widower, he killed her, in the end, Was killed for raping Tobias's wife!
  • Tobias Richards (Guy Pearce) - Lucas's boss, who warns him that if he dosen't do as he say, he'll break him, in one scene, he warned him one time, and cuts one of his fingers when he asks his men to hold him, in the end, kills Lucas, and is revealed to killed Bianca's father and was arrested!
  • Holly Richards (January Jones) - Tobias's wife, who always makes out with him, and always stoods by him againstLucas, in the end, was raped and murdered by Lucas
  • Jodi Widower (Jennifer Love Hewitt) - Bianca's mother, who was married and killed by Lucas, in the end, Her spirit was seen smiling at Bree!
  • Fung Gawl (Keone Young) - Tobias's small time dealer, who was killed by Lucas and burned in the furnace



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