Now 6 years (1981) later, David Starsky is retired, and is now dating his girlfriend, Holly (Amy Smart), leaving his best friend Ken "Hutch" Hutcherson stuck with hunger boy, Bobby Dorn, as his partner, whom he recalls a fat head. Then Starsky witnessed that a crime lord known as Gale Hyperion and his other texas partner, Tobias J. Porter are planning to sell out money for 2 biker thugs.


  • David Starsky (Ben Stiller)
  • Ken "Hutch" Hutcherson (Owen Wilson)
  • Holly (Amy Smart) - David's girlfriend
  • Huggy Bear (Snoop Dogg)
  • Bigg Bunny (Chris Rock) - owner of the Playboy Club
  • Captain Doby (Fred Williamson)
  • Bobby Dorn (Jonah Hill) - Hutch's so-called partner
  • Gale Hyperion (Arnold Vosloo) - the main antagonist
  • Tobias Porter (Stephen Tobolowsky) - the secondary antagonist
  • Jay Byrd (Tony Todd) - biker thug
  • Black Ox (Michael Clarke Duncan) - other biker thug



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