Spiderman is back trying to get the wedding him and Mary Jane had planned for years. but the Wedding was interupted by a new Goblin the Hobgoblin, and the rise of a new enemy, Electro.


Tobey Macguire - Peter Parker/ Spiderman, is back and has proposed to Mary Jane, after dealing with Venom, and his late friend he is now ready and have the courage to begin a new with MJ!

Kristian Dunst - Mary Jane, feeling responsible for her own selfish feelings and refusing to marry Peter Parker, now makes it up to him, and she has been kidnapped by the New Goblin!

J.K.Simmons - J. Jonah. Jameson, a retired news publisher who finally stopped lying about the Spider-Man, he is also witness of the new Spider-Man's true identity!

Mandy Patinkin - Roderick Kingsley/Hobgoblin, the new Goblin who became the new head of Oscorp, he dones the Hobgoblin Mask, and a ragged cape he found in the Goblins disgarded stuff (the same cape for the Goblin's disguise in the burning building), and takes the syrum and becomes the Hobgoblin and kidnaps Mary Jane near the end of the film as Cletus Cassidy planned!

Crispin Glover - Maxwell Lloyd/Electro, like Sandman he never meant to become a superpowered villain, he was in a volting accident caused by Cletus Cassidy, his costume is the costume from Spectacular Spider-Man, he is a screecher everytime he sends out electricity and causes him pain, in the end he helps Spider-Man by fighting Hobgoblin and sacrificing him and Hobgoblin by destroying the very thing that made the Goblin once and for all!

Angela Lansbury - Aunt May Parker, Peter's ailing aunt, who is dying and is about to enter the next life, and she tells Peter that she is proud to be part of his life and it's time for him to live his life!

Elijah Wood - Ben Reily, Peter Parker's would be successor of being Spider-Man!

Ashley Zukerman - Cletus Cassidy/ Carnage

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