From the creators of Jackie Chan Adventures and the Batman comes, THE SPIDER-MAN!


After the death of Uncle Ben, Peter Parker must take trials on being the most responisible hero in the world, that if Jameson quit lying!


Main Character Voice Based off from Personality
Peter Parker/Spider-Man Jason Marsden His costume is more similar to the Amazing Spider-Man, version, and he has a similar look to the 90's Peter Parker casual outfit! He more is more like the 90's version, and the Spectacular Spider-Man version, and does what ever comes in the form of heroics!
Mary Jane Watson Alyssa Millano She is more like the 90's version with the toned body, and dress's like the 2000's version, and the coloration of her outfit is similar to the first comic! She is all about fasion, caring, and understanding, though finds out that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are the Same, she still goes through it!
Harry Osborn/ Night Goblin Michael Sinterniklass He is more like the 90's version, mixed with the Third Spider-Man version Goblin suit. He also has the colorazation of Demo Goblin! He is less like the Incarnation that wants to avenge his father's death, He is more into trying to atone his father's missdeeds, and becomes the Night Goblin!
Eddy Brock/ Venom Travis J. Gould Similar to the 90's Venom, and the live action version, Unlike the other incarnations, he does not have his tongue stick out! He is more sadistic, and more of a anti hero in the series, and has a crush on MJ, and wants to get Peter out of the way! He is one of the main antagonists!
Recurring Character Voice Based off Personality
J. Jonah Jameson Wade Williams similar to all the Incarnations, only he looks more like the 90's, and his tone is more similar to Ed Asner's tone! a Short tempered, self centern, and arrogant man, and always has a bone to pick with Spider-Man with his lies to the press to get money, but when the Scorpion was created, and the hiring of the Spider Slayers started, he was arrested for that!
May Parker Candi Milo more like the 90's, mixed with the Ultimate Spider-Man. she is very much encouraging to Peter! Since Uncle Ben died, she is now under the care of a retirement village, and throughout the series, everytime, she is saved by Spider-Man, she is shown having knowledge that she knows Peter is Spider-Man!
Felicia Hardy/ Black Cat Laura San Giamco She is an Amalgam of the 90's and Spectacular Spider-Man series! She is a catty girl, and a woman with passion, whom rivals MJ. When she was injected with a syrum that made her the Black Cat, she became more prideful, and more into catlike behaviors, at some point, and her blond hair became white, as her body more curvy, and stronger!
Gwen Stacy, and Captain George Stacy Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gary Owens Gwen Stacy is Similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man version, and George Stacy is based off all his incarnation! Gwen is another good friend to Peter Parker, and Mary Jane, and has a crush on Venom, and her father is a protective father, and does not see Spider-Man as a threat!
Kraven the Hunter Hector Elizondo He is more of the 90's and of the 2000's version! He has a hunting strategy, and a keen eye on the prey, he is also very aggressive when it comes to his adversaries, and warm to his companions which are MJ, or even ironically Spider-Man!
Dr. Curt Conners/ The Lizard Nolan North, and Fred Tatasciore Conner's is more in the 90's and Spectacular Spider-Man, while the Lizard is more on the 2000's and 90's version! Curt Conners is an intellegent, and very much a brilliant man trying to regain his arm, so he could hold his son in both arms! The Lizard on the other hand is a mad maniac trying to change the whole world into Lizard men!
Flash Thompson Brian Bloom More like the 90's mixed with the Ultimate Spider-Man version! Still a bully to Pete and friends, but scared silly when Venom comes in, and he is very envious, and wants the Symbiote to be the best!

Main Villains Voice Based off Personality
Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin Kevin Michael Richardson Similar to the Live Action Green Goblin, but mixed with the Joker from the Batman! He is an arrogant, insane, and very much a jerk in the series, he has a soft Spot for Harry, and has a way of thinking on how to defeat Spider-Man!
Dr. Otto Octavius/ Dr. Octopus Corey Burton He is similar to the Spectacular Spider-Man, and the Ultimate Spider-Man versions, and has the coloration of Ursula from the Little Mermaid! He is scientific, and very much of a kind to have a bone to pick with Spider-Man, and like Ursula the Sea Witch he is cunning, wants to use science to take over Oscorp!
Flint Marko/ Sandman Wade Williams He is similar to the live action version! He is uncertain of which side to be one, and has no choice to save his child, from dying! He is very short tempered, and sometimes concited!
Quinton Beck/ Mysterio Kevin Michael Richardson He is similar to the 90's version, and the Spectacular Spider-Man version! He is a very much a master of illusions, and is pretty much a crime master, he is also one who kidnapped Aunt May for the ransom that was delayed years ago when Parker's parents died!
Alfhonso Kravenoff/ Chameleon Andre Soliquizzo He is more like the 90's version, and the Spectacular version, only he has Chameleon features, including the eyes of a Chameleon! He is Slick, Cocky, and very much like a government agent with an attitude!, He is the one who often tries to solve the identity of Spider-Man!
Adrian Toomes/ Vulture Corey Burton He is similar to the Unlimited Version of Spider-Man, and the original Comics version! He is very much a treacherous, and sneeky Scavenger like villain, and he is often very cowardly, and always tries to oust Spider-Man!
Maximillian Dillon/ Electro Crispin Glover He is similar to his Ultimate version, mixed with the 2000's version! He is a very encentric, and very much always in pain, and the electric shots cause him to Scream alot!
Rhino Brad Garrett He is similar to the Spectacular Spider-Man version! He is a thick Skulled, and not so smart villain, who often gets beaten, and shows brains over brawn, he is also an enemy of the Hulk!
Mac Gargen/ Scorpion Brian Bloom He is like the new version, and like the 90's incarnation! He is a twisted, and stronger version of our favorite Spider-Man, and he betrayed his creator Dr. Curt Connors!
Wilson Fisk/ The Kingpin Kevin Michael Richardson He is like the Live action version, and like the 90's! He is more like the 90's, only more in human, he is the one who orchastrated some of Jameson's lies, and attitudes, and he is very much one of Spider-Man's foes!
Morris Bench/ Hydro Man Thomas F. Wilson He is like the 90's version! He is a jealous Ex-Boyfriend of Mary Jane, and even stole for her, he is even trying to get Spider-Man out of the way, and is a rival of Sandman!
Jason Macendale/ Hobgoblin Mark Hamill He is based off the 90's version with features similar to the Joker! He came right after the Green Goblin, and Night Goblin, he is more insane, and more crazed, and further more the most wackiest of the villains!
Cletus Cassiday/ Carnage Travis J. Gould He is like the 90's and the Unlimited version! He is the most savage, and the most Dangerous Symbiote that Spider-Man, or anyone ever dealt with!
Prof. Miles Warren/ Jackal Corey Burton He wears a Dog outfit based off a Jackal,

he is a cloner of Spider-Man, and created clones of Spider-Man to deal with!, He is cruel, and pompous!

Herman Schultz/ Shocker Brian Bloom He is similar to the Spectacular Spider-Man version! He is a paid bounty hunter, and a skilled mastermind, he is the one who is often seen trying to prove he is the best!
Fritz Von Meyer/ Swarm Dee Bradley Baker He is similar to Swarm lord on Magic Voyage! He is a giant Living Swarm that wants to feed on anything of energy, He is also very much the one who tries to prove to Spider-Man, that Swarm's can beat a Spider!
Allistair Smythe Troy Baker He is similar to the 90's version! He creates his creations, out of desperations, for fame, for glory, and to defeat Spider-Man, to gain the respect he deserves!
Silvermane Richard Green he is similar to the spectacular Spider-Man version, and the videogames! He is an arrogant, and a very much least to respect life, and he is a member of Hydra, and is considered the top agent!
The Spot Tom Kenny
Guest Star Voice Based off Personality
Tony Stark/ Iron Man Will Friedle the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Captain Steve Rogers/ Captain America Rino Romano
Hulk Kevin Michael Richardson
Reed Richards/ Mr. Fantastic David Hyde Pierce
Ben Grimm/ The Thing Clancy Brown
Susan Richards/ Invisible Woman Nicole Sullivan
Johnny Storm/ Human Torch Will Friedle
Dr. Doom Mark Hamill
Wolverine Steven Blum
Daredevil Ben McKenzie
Dr. Strange Xander Berkley based off the Young Justice version of Zatara
Dormamu Ron Perlman
Prof Xaviar Corey Burton
Thor Jeff Bennett


Season 1:

Episode Plot Characters introduced Story line Airdate notes
"Spectacular" Spider-Man, Uncle Ben, Aunt May, Burgler, Harry Osborn, MJ Watson, Green Goblin The first film!
"Amazing" Dr. Octopus, J.Jonah Jameson, Robbie Robertson, Bettie Brant, Ned Leeds
"Ultimate" Sandman, Gwen Stacy, George Stacy, Flash Thompson
"Creepy Crawly" Dr. Curt Conners/ The Lizard, Martha Conners, Billy Conners, Felicia Hardy
"Black Suit" Venom, Cletus Cassidy, Debra Whitman, Liz Allen, Kraven the Hunter
"Halloween Master" Hobgoblin, Mysterio, Carnage
"Rhinoceros" Rhino, Silvermane, Dr. Octopus
"Goblin Night"
"Cat and Mouse" The Black Cat
"Electricity" Electro, The Shocker
"Venom Strikes"
"Baby Got Back"
Enter The Spot
Ways of the Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four, Dr. Doom
"Truth" Bolivar Trask, Venom

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