Shattered Dimensions
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions 2 is the next installment in the Beenox videogame franchise, featuring five different universes featured in the Spider-Man mythos (Amazing, Ultimate, MC2, 2099, Noir).






  • Spider-Man (Amazing/Superior) - Neil Patrick Harris
  • Spider-Man (Ultimate/Miles Morales) - Neil Denis
  • Spider-Girl (MC2) - Janet Varney
  • Spider-Man (2099) - Dan Gilvezan
  • Spider-Man (Noir) - Christopher Daniel Barnes


  • Amazing/Superior - Hobgoblin, Hydro-Man, Mister Negative, Titania
  • Ultimate - Beetle, Mysterio, Omega Red, Scorpion
  • MC2 - Aftershock, Black Tarantula, Claw, Raptor
  • 2099 - Doctor Doom, Hunter, Spider-Slayer, Venom
  • Noir - Tombstone, Crime-Master, the Enforcers, Kingpin
  • All - Morlun


  • Amazing/Superior - Aunt May, Carlie Cooper, Mary Jane Watson, Max Modell
  • Ultimate - Ganke, Jefferson Davis, Nick Fury, Rio Morales
  • MC2 - Jimmy Yama, Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker, Wes Westin
  • 2099 - Gabriel O'Hara, Lyla, Xina Kwan
  • Noir - Aunt May, Ben Urich, Jean DeWolff, Mary Jane Watson

New Features

New features include the capability to converse in-game with the supporting cast of the Spider-Men, which is depicted as a "phone call" mechanism. The supporting characters will usually speak about things involving the titular Spider-Man and offer required input on ways to defeat the current enemy. They serve as guides and in some cases, comic relief (i.e. Gabriel O'Hara, Ganke).

Boss Forms

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