Spider-Man: Miles Morales is an animated TV series scheduled to release in 2014


The 14-Year-Old Miles Morales is in training to be a proper superhero by S.H.I.E.L.D with his best friend Ganke to help him on the way too as he fights new and old villains as The new Ultimate Spider-Man! (And Miles finally gets Webshooters!)

Release Date

April 21st 2014



Guest Appearances


May Parker

Gwen Stacy

Mary Jane Watson


The Ultimates

Ultimate X

Peter Parker (Vision)

Captain America

and more...

Season 1

Episode 1: Origins

Episode 2: Legacy

Episode 3: Return of May Parker and Gwen Stacy

Episode 4: Brooklyn Visions Academy

Episode 5: Why Me?

Episode 6: Miles meets the Ultimates

Episode 7: Return of Scorpion

Episode 8: Miles Vs Uncle Aaron

Episode 9: Fallout

Episode 10: Wait that's not Peter Parker? Part 1

Episode 11: Wait that's not Peter Parker? Part 2

Episode 12: Summer Vacation!

Season 2

Episode 13: First Love

Episode 14: I give up

Episode 15: Unconfirmed

Season 3



This is not an actual TV series coming out this is an idea which would be awesome if it was real

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