Speedy Blue Dog is an American action-adventure-comedy video game series published by Frederator Interactive. The video game series was released on March 12, 2002. Speedy Blue Dog is inspired by Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo's Super Mario, Ubisoft's Rayman, Warner Bros.' Looney Tunes and Collin the Speedy Boy. Also, it is inspired by King Features Syndicate's Popeye the Sailor and Hanna-Barbera's Huckleberry Hound as well.


The game follows a 15-years-old anthropomorphic talking dog named Speedy, who can run with using super speed. His abilities are spin dash, tackle attack, double kick, bite attack, doggy punch and tail whip. Speedy is also known as the "World's Fastest Canine". He can save the world after his enemy, Dr. Sneakyman from releasing the animal robots.


Main Series

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Main Characters

  • Speedy Blue Dog - Speedy is a 15-years-old teenage blue dog. He speaks with a New York accent. Speedy is wearing a red collar and white gloves. Sometimes, he's wearing a white shirt with red exclamation mark on it, which is used for original box art covers. Speedy's abilities are spin dash, tackle attack, double kick, bite attack, doggy punch and tail whip. He is voiced by Greg Burson (2002-2004), Drake Bell (2005-2009) and Robbie Daymond (2009-present).
  • Tuffy the Two-Tailed Tabby - Tuffy is an 8-years-old two-tailed tabby cat. He is Speedy's best friend. Tuffy is wearing white gloves. He is also a helper of Speedy. Tuffy's tails can make him fly like a helicopter. He is voiced by Pat Musick (2003-2004), Candi Milo (2005-2013) and Tara Strong (2013-present).
  • Muscles the Bear - Muscles is a 16-years-old muscular red grizzly bear. He is Speedy and Tuffy's best friend. Muscles is wearing white gloves with two spikes on it. He can smash the hard rocks, wood and bricks. Muscles can punch the enemies just like Speedy, but his fists are stronger. He is voiced by Tim Daly (2004), George Newbern (2005-2009) and Nolan North (2009-present).
  • Audrey Poodle - Audrey Poodle is a 12-years-old toy poodle. She is Speedy's love interest. Audrey is wearing white gloves, red dress and red bow on her head. She was rescued by Speedy after the destruction. Audrey can spend time with the blue canine. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille (2005-2009) and Sandy Fox (2009-present).

Minor Characters


  • Dr. Sneakyman - Dr. Sneakyman is an evil mad scientist. He is Speedy's enemy. Dr. Sneakyman is wearing goggles on his head, red lab coat, white gloves, black pants and black rubber boots. He is voiced by Bill Farmer (2002-2004) and Paul Rugg (2005-present).
  • Sniff and Creep - Sniff and Creep are Dr. Sneakyman's robotic dog henchbots. They only appear in the TV series and the comics. Sniff is a bloodhound and Creep is a basset hound. They are voiced by Corey Burton (Sniff) and Eddie Deezen (Creep).
  • Sasha the Cyborg Fox - Sasha is Dr. Sneakyman's second-in-command. She is a red fox with a robotic replacement on her arm. First appears in Robot Havoc. She is voiced by Mae Whitman (2008-present).
  • Master Omega - Master Omega is the main villain of Omega Rush. He's a giant alien-like bird. He is voiced by Rob Paulsen (2005-2010) and Troy Baker (2011-present).
  • The Form - The Form is a mysterious form changing villain appearing in Generations.

Common features


The gameplay of the main series contains 2D platform style, which is similar to original Sonic the Hedgehog games and Rayman games. In 3D games, the gameplay is similar to 3D Sonic the Hedgehog games.


The cutscenes are made of hand-drawn animation, but the gameplay is made of pixel animation (which is used for 2D games) and cel-shaded (which is used for 3D games). Also, the cutscenes are used by hand-drawn animation software, Toon Boom Animation.


Other media


See Speedy Blue Dog (TV series).



Boom! Studios made a comic book adaptation of Speedy Blue Dog. It is inspired by Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comics. See Speedy Blue Dog (comic book series).


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  • This game series takes inspirations from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog, Nintendo's Super Mario, Ubisoft's Rayman and Warner Bros.' Collin the Speedy Boy.
  • The cutscenes share the animation style from Warner Bros.' Tiny Toons Adventures and Animaniacs, Walt Disney Pictures' The Aristocats and Robin Hood, DreamWorks Animation's The Prince of Egypt and The Road to El Dorado and Peyo's The Smurfs and Johan and Peewit.