The trouble with SpaghettiOs is that they don't retain heat long enough - at least when microwaved according to the directions on the can. They get cold very quickly.

Thicker Sauce

Giving SpaghettiOs a thicker sauce may increase the heat capactance.

Change in Recipe

Changing the recipe in some other way for better heat retaining could make SpaghettiOs more popular. A thicker sauce may help with the overall tempeture of the pasta.

Hallowed out Shells

Perhaps a hallowed out shell with a little moisture inside will help the spaghettiO's keep there heat when microwaved.


The sauce stored with the noodles in the can may have something to do with the heat storage of SpaghettiO's. By having the noodles seperated from the sauce may help the noodles from not becoming more satuareted.

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