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Soul Calibur VI is an upcoming fighting video game produced by Namco. It makes it the ninth fighting game of its series. It will be released for PlayStation 4 and PC on June 16, 2017. PlayStation 4 will contain eight guest characters: Heihachi Mishima, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima and Asuka Kazama (from Tekken), Spawn (from Image Comics' Spawn), Darth Vader (from Star Wars), The Punisher (from Marvel Comics' The Punisher) and Sora (from Kingdom Hearts franchise) and two exclusive characters: Kratos (from God of War; exclusive to PlayStation 4) and Scout (from Team Fortress 2, exclusive to PC).

List of CharactersEdit

Character Debut Style
Abel Original Soul of Abel
Akylas Alexandra Original Soul of Akylas
Algol Soul Calibur IV Soul of Algol
Amy Sorel Soul Calibur II Soul of Amy
Astaroth Soul Calibur Soul of Astaroth
Bangoo Original Soul of Bangoo
Cain Original Soul of Cain
Cassandra Alexandra Soul Calibur II Soul of Cassandra
Cervantes de Leon Soul Edge Soul of Cervantes
Lord Geo Dampierre Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Soul of Dampierre
Edge Master Soul Calibur Soul of Edge Master
Frederick Schtauffen Original Soul of Frederick
Heshiro Mitsurugi Soul Edge Soul of Miturugi
Hildegard von Krone Soul Calibur IV Soul of Hilde
Hong Yun-seong Soul Calibur II Soul of Yun-seong
Hwang Seong-gyeong Soul Edge Soul of Hwang
Ivy Valentine] Soul Calibur Soul of Ivy
Kilik Soul Calibur Soul of Kilik
Leixia Soul Calibur V Soul of Leixia
Lizardman (Aeon Calcos) Soul Calibur Soul of Aeon
Maxi Soul Calibur Soul of Maxi
Mei Original Soul of Mei
Natsu Soul Calibur V Soul of Natsu
Nightmare Soul Edge Soul of Nightmare
Patroklos Alexander Soul Calibur V Soul of Patroklos or Patroklos (normal style)
Phoenix Sorel Original Soul of Phoenix
Pyrrha Alexandra Soul Calibur V Soul of Pyrrha
Raphael Sorel Soul Calibur II Soul of Raphael
Rock Soul Edge Soul of Rock
Seong Mi-na Soul Edge Soul of Seong Mi-na
Setsuka Soul Calibur III Soul of Setsuka
Siegfried Schtauffen Soul Edge Soul of Siegfried
Sophitia Alexandra Soul Edge Soul of Sophitia
Taki Soul Edge Soul of Taki
Talim Soul Calibur II Soul of Talim
Tira Soul Calibur III Soul of Tira
Viola Soul Calibur V Soul of Viola
Voldo Soul Edge Soul of Voldo
Xianghua Soul Calibur II Soul of Xianghua
Xiba Soul Calibur V Soul of Xiba
Yoshimitsu Soul Calibur Soul of Yoshimitsu
Zasalamel Soul Calibur III Soul of Zasalamel
Z.W.E.I. Soul Calibur V Soul of Z.W.E.I.

New CharactersEdit

  • Abel (Soul Calibur warrior)
  • Akylas (Cassandra's son)
  • Bangoo (Rock's son)
  • Cain (Soul Edge warrior)
  • Frederick (Siegfried's deceased father)
  • Mei (Yun-seong's daughter)
  • Phoenix (Amy's daughter)

New Guest CharactersEdit

Character Debut Guest Character Style
Asuka Kazama Tekken Soul of Asuka
Darth Vader Star Wars/Soul Calibur IV Soul of Darth Vader
Heihachi Mishima Tekken/Soul Calibur II Soul of Heihachi
Jin Kazama Tekken Soul of Jin
Kazuya Mishima Tekken Soul of Kazuya
Sora Kingdom Hearts Soul of Sora
Spawn Image Comics/Soul Calibur II Soul of Spawn
The Punisher Marvel Soul of The Punisher

Exclusive CharactersEdit

Character Debut Guest Character Style Status
Kratos God of War/Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny Soul of Kratos Exclusive to PlayStation 4
Scout Team Fortress 2 Soul of Scout Exclusive to PC


  • Distant Marsh
  • Egyptian Temple
  • Grand Labyrinth
  • Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden
  • Phantom Pavilion
  • Sailor's Rest
  • Astral Chaos: Pathway
  • Astral Chaos
  • Cavern of Light and Darkness
  • Conqueror's Coliseum
  • Conquerer's Coliseum: Underground Fight
  • Free Imperial City
  • Free Imperial City: Old Quarter
  • Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple
  • House of Valentine's Prague Residence
  • Mt. Fuji the Holy: Hidden Dragon
  • Last Rites on the Battlefield
  • Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea
  • The Adrian
  • Torture Chamber
  • Sinking Merchant Ship
  • Tranquil Wasteland
  • Unknown Forest
  • Unknown Forest: Dark Night


  • Amy, Cassandra, Yun-seong, Hwang, Kilik, Rock, Seong Mi-na, Setsuka, Sophitia, Taki, Talim, Xianghua and Zasalamel will return in Soul Calibur VI.
  • Asuka, Heihachi, Jin, Kazuya and Lars will be five guest characters in Tekken and Namco's second crossover game Soul Calibur X Tekken.

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