My first idea for sonic heroes 2 is a new team, Silver (fly), Blaze (power) and Maria (as a hedgehog)(speed) with Silver as the leader. Silver and Blaze trying to save thier future and maria wants to find out why she's a hedgehog but decides to help them with their objective while she trys to do her's.

My next idea is having team dark having to follow G.U.N.'s orders giving them a mission based style of gameplay.Shadow and Rouge have to arrest eggman so that he can be executed and Omega, under the condition that he can be the executer agreed to help Shadow and Rouge for G.U.N.

Idea three has Amy looking for a love potion that the drinker fall in love with the first person they see. Cream's mum (Vanilla) gets kidnapped and Cream and Cheese set out to save her. Big (yet again) is looking for Froggy who's been kidnapped. The three choose to work together.

Team chaotix Start looking for their missing member Mighty.

Finaly team sonic learn of Eggman's next plan and decide to search for the chaos emeralds to stop him.

Please add more ideas.


  • Jason Griffith - Sonic
  • Lisa Ortiz - Amy
  • Crispin Freeman - Shadow
  • Dan Green - Knuckles
  • Scottie Ray - Espio
  • Kether Donahue - Cream
  • Bella Hudson
  • Tony Todd - Main villain
  • Troy Baker
  • Mike Pollock
  • Amy Palant
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey

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