There are those days where you don't want to cook any thing you just want to relax, well with this robot you can set it to a time to have your dinner ready by and you don't have to worry about anything you just come home and eat.

Imagine a remote in your car that is hooked up to a robot chef. Just press some random buttons of what you want for dinner, and the robot will cook it for you, all before you get home.


A refigerator and microwave combined into one device to heat up your food at the perfect time. Heres how it works, before school/work each day, leftovers/dinner is left in the microater to keep the food chilled with the refrigeration capabilities of the microater. Then when it's time for dinner, a button can be pressed to turn on the microwave for a certain amount of time and heat up the food. This could be through Radio waves, or an iphone/android application.

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