Brittany becomes part of the Disney Princesses for her birthday. She doesn't invite her peers like Jack Merridew and his tribe to her party and Kahmunrah and his minions put a curse on her--if she watches something way too mature, she'll sleep forever.


QUEEN MINNIE: (crowns Brittany a princess) 'Are you sure you don't want to invite Jack Merridew?'
BRITTANY: 'Queen Minnie, Jack Merridew and his friends don't like us, they don't play with us, they mean us harm, they ruin everything.'
KING MICKEY: 'She's right Minnie.'
QUEEN MINNIE: 'Oh, I know, but we're worried if their master Kahmunrah might do.'

JACK MERRIDEW: 'Missed! It sucks! That girl is gonna pay for not inviting us to her babyish party!'
KAHMUNRAH: 'Don't worry young man, we'll make them pay, and NOT with slimeballs!' (taking Jack and his tribe along with his minions to Toon Castle) 'Come on people! move it!'

CINDERELLA: 'I wish... I could go to the ball.' (blows out the first candle)
SNOW WHITE: 'I'm wishing... someday, my prince would come.' (blows out the next candle)
ARIEL: 'Ha-ha. I wish... Ohh... I wish I could be part of that world.' (blows out the next candle)
PETER PAN: 'I wish... we'd never had to grow up.' (blows out the next candle)
PINOCCHIO: 'Look Jiminy, someday I wish I could be a real boy!' (blows out the next candle)

KAHMUNRAH: (interrupts the royal party as he and his minions reach inside Toon Castle) 'I see if that chipette Brittany probably became a princess. Well, in other words... perhaps next time Brittany does... some grown-up stuff, she'll go to sleep forever, and therefore be known as Sleeping Brittany!'
MICKEY AND MINNIE: 'NO, you can't do that!'
(Kahmunrah blows out the next candle)
JACK MERRIDEW: 'So you didn't invite me and my friends to your retarded party!'
MERRYWEATHER: 'Not all is lost, I still have a wish to make. Step aside please.'
(Kahmunrah and his minions move aside)
MERRYWEATHER: 'I'm sorry, I can only add to the spell, not change it. If Princess Brittany becomes Sleeping Brittany, she can be awakened from her slumber by a kiss of a noble prince.' (clears out the last candle with her wand)
KAHMUNRAH: 'Ha! No prince will ever kiss her, WE'LL make sure of that!'
JACK MERRIDEW: 'Yeah, prove it master!'
KAHMUNRAH: 'Come on along now!' (they teleport away)

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