Explorer the Depths of Sleeping Beauty Castle in This & Exciting and Frighting Tour, But Watch Out for the army of Disney Villians led by Queen Narissa, as They Take Over and Lead Guests to The Dark Side.


Taking place inside Sleeping Beauty Castle, guests are supposed to take a tour of the Castle featuring the Gallery, Ball Room, Dining Room, Guest Room and the Tower. However, after the guide showcases portraits of Disney Heroes and Heroines, the Magic Mirror gets angry at the villains being insulted!

The Gallery and Mirror Chamber

Dark Passage and Dungeon

There is a dark passage and dungeon that awaits guests who bypassed the laboratory to avoid being noticed by the queen. However, guests are tricked by Queen Narissa, who randomly reflects directions inversely. Next, a mummified ghost appears from a dark area but its white reflection does not appear anywhere, rather we can hear its footprints advancing.

The Hideout of the Firebird

Battle with Queen Narissa

Fun Facts and Triva


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