Skirmish on Hoth is Royce, Alexa, Isabella, Ripley, and Schaefer's Battle that the Decepticons, and Aliens approach to the ice planet. By that time, Sailor Starlights and her alliance of universe members battles against the remaining remnants of Snowtroopers, Ice Dragons, and Frost Giants. In her last battle, Sailor Star Fighter and her NEST Soldiers attack that xenomorph queen, Once and For all.



Investigation on Cave

Throught their plan, The Alliance of Universe deploy the survivors, and reached on the Ice Planet of Hoth. The known female guide is Alexa Woods. The Sailor Starlights assemble the heroic humans to investigate on frozen cavern.

Battle of Hoth

At Hoth's Atmosphere, three warriors land and kill the humans on the surface, making their way down to the pyramid and arrive just as the team unwittingly powers up the structure. An Alien queen awakens from cryogenic stasis and begins to call the Frost Giants, Imperials, and Snow Monsters attach to several humans trapped in the sacrificial chamber. Numerous Imperial Snowtroopers landed on the arctic cavern. The known Frost Monster kills two Snowtroopers easily. The last remaining Predator, Scar, kills one Frost Monster.

Thus, one Predator battles against evil Snow Monsters and Destroyers, Arctic Levithans and Heartless are emerging outside on frigid waters. The five humans flee, and the alien queen awakens.

The Freezing Final Showdown

In the Freezing Showdown, The remaining humans, decide that the Predators must be allowed to succeed in their hunt so the Aliens don't reach the surface. As the battle continues most of the characters survived from evil, leaving only Alexa, The alliance of Universe Members and a single Predator to fight against their evil.

The two form an alliance of Universe and use the Predator’s self-destruct device to destroy the ice cavern and the remaining enemies. Alexa, The Sailor Starlights and the Predator reach the surface, where they battle the escaped Alien queen. They defeat the queen by attaching its chain to a water tower and pushing it over a cliff into the water, dragging the queen to the ocean floor. The Predator; however, dies from its wounds.

Thanks to Sailor Star Fighter from Redeeming the antagonists, The Predators are coming on frozen planet. The Predators then gives Alexa an Pulse Rifle as a sign of respect. The Heroes escapes hoth, and The Starship blasts off into space.


Heroic Alliance of Universe

Heroic Humans

Evil Commanders


Imperial Units


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