newly formed Infinity Ward, which is now under the juristiction of EA. It will be released on May 9th, 2013 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PS Vita.


It ben two years sense the wenning game chris cole has benn wenning the champison



Chris Cole

Eric Koston

Ali Boulala

Mark Gonzales

Mike Carroll

Lucas Puig

Jason Dill

Rob Dyrdek

John Rattray

John Cardiel

Dan Drehobl

Darren Naverette

Terry Kennedy

Jake Brown

Danny Way

Ray Barbee

Brayden Szafranski

Alex Chalmers

Chris Haslam

Marc Johnson

Paul Rodriguez

Mark Appleyard

PJ Ladd

Pat Duffy

Lizard King

Ryan Gallant

Ryan Smith

Joey Brezinski

Dennis Busenitz

Jerry Hsu

Andrew Reynolds

Benny Fairfax

Josh K

Bam Margera

Bucky Lasek

Andy MacDonald

Bob Burnquist

Stevie Williams

Daewon Song

Leo Romero

Chaz Ortiz

Omar Salazar

Lyn-Z Adam Hawkins

Nyjah Huston

Ryan Sheckler

Mike Valley

Jeff King

Theotis Beasly

Justin Figeroua

Bucky Lasek

Jeff Eaton

Jagger Eaton

Kerry Getz

Vanessa Torres

Geoff Rowley

Chad Muska

Lance Mountain

Torey Pudwill

Billy Marks

Tommy Sandoval

Rodney Mullen

Jamie Thomas

Kevin Staab

Andy Schrock


Joe Flacco (Cover guy for Madden NFL 14)

Jeremy Lin (Cover guy for NBA Live 14)

Dem Bones

Meat Man

Dr. Pepper Can

Miracle Whip Bottle

Coach Frank

Deer Man of Dark Woods

James Bond


Male Shepard

Female Shepard



Big Black

New Features


  • Visible injuries can be toggled on/off
  • Thrashing of clothing can be toggled on/off
  • The difficulties are as following: Arcade, Easy, Classic, and Realistic
  • Air tricks can be landed To Rail, which requires a difficult balancing motion to avoid bailing.
  • Various other Dark tricks can be performed such as Dark Grabs, Casper/Anit Casper, and Dark Tail/Noseslides.
  • Each skater is mo-capped with their own unique style, and created skaters can chose from all other skaters, or chose a premade one.
  • Other sustained injuries include damaged organs and mental problems.
  • Hats, shoes and other accessories can fly off during bails.
  • Boards will break after extended use and falling.
  • A day/night cycle is introduced.
  • Weather is present. Rain will cause more slipping while wind could give you an extra boost or make it harder to air off of tranny.
  • Using the right and left bumpers, (or R2 and L2) players can perform varials while in in the air.
  • Combinations of left and right sticks can be used to perform various pressure flips.


  • Clothing will also consist of non-skateboarding related brand names.
  • The color of most wearable items is changeable.
  • Instead of set color templates, a hue-saturation-value-brightness wheel is used to select colors.
  • Create a logo will be in-game instead of online.
  • Skateboard bearings can be changed.
  • Different shoe types (skating, athletic, dress, flip flops, etc.) will affect skating style and trick difficulty.



I do not own the Skate series. EA Black Box does. All of these ideas are property of JJJBATMAN. DO NOT POST ON THIS PAGE WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF JJJBATMAN.

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