With Ash finally at the Sinnoh League, along side Paul, Barry, Nando, Conway, and most unexpected of a, a mysterious trainer with a DARKRAI! We predict that the battle results will be:

  1. Ash vs. Nando - Ash wins
  2. Unknown Darkrai trainer vs. Machamp trainer - Darkrai trainer wins
  3. Paul vs. Female trainer - Paul wins
  4. Ash vs. Conway - Ash wins
  5. Paul vs. Barry - Paul wins
  6. Ash vs. Paul - Ash hopefully wins
  7. Ash vs. Darkrai trainer - ????
    • Bayleef vs. Dusknoir
    • Snorlax vs. Lairon
    • Gabite vs. Toxicroak
    • Torterra vs. Rhyperior
    • Charizard vs. Gallade
    • Pikachu vs. Darkrai

The results are yet to come...

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