Alex as Blossom

  • Both are considered smart.
  • Both wore pink, at some point.
  • Both are vain beauties.
  • Both have cried, at some point because of the spoiled brat.
  • Both have orange hair, although Alex's hair is dyed.

Elisa as Buttercup

  • Both girls were considered to be antagonistic.
  • They have a tomboy attitude.
  • Both have dark hair.
  • Both have a grumpy side.

Christian as Bubbles

  • Both are younger looking characters.
  • Both were blonde.
  • Both cry, constantly.
  • They both talk like younger children.
  • Both have easily suspected the culprit:
    • Bubbles suspected Sudusa for her crimes
    • Christian suspected Alex to check for food (i.e. McDonald's and Panda)

Lorna as Sedusa

  • Both were antagonistic mothers.
  • Both had problems with the main three protagonists.
  • Both are considered evil and wicked.

Vince as Mojo Jojo

  • Both are evil.
  • Talk in a foreign accent.
  • Both hate the trio.

Stacy as Professor Utonium

  • Both people are smart
  • Both care for their (not-quite) kids, like a good parent.
  • Both are single.
  • Both of their relationships are broken up.

Ms. Golden as Ms. Bellum

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