Siberian Hitman: Coldfront is an upcoming action short film made by BetaRain. It will be animated with Source Filmmaker and is set for a 2017 release date.


Heavy is paid to capture all control points around Coldfront by Sniper. When he starts doing the job, he is surrounded by members of the RED Team. Now he must attack his opponents, including his greatest enemy, in order to get the job done for his boss before things turn around for the worse.



  • The original title of this animated short was going to be Heavy Gunman: Operation Kong King and its plot would have involved Heavy hired to capture the control points around the titular map as ordered by Spy.
  • It will be the first animated short film (and overall first Source Filmmaker video) by BetaRain 28.
  • As of October 21st 2016, the short film will contain a total of eight characters (as of the total of the nine characters in Team Fortress 2).
  • It will most likely be released along with BetaRain's first feautre film Asriel Dreamer: Greenhorn.