Shonen Jump X Street Fighter

Shonen Jump X Street Fighter - (少年ジャンプ X ストリートファイター) is a crossover fighting game that's being developed by Capcom . The game will feature characters from both Street Fighter franchise from Capcom and Shueisha Inc.'s very popularize magazine franchise Weekly Shonen Jump series from Japan. This is consider to be the second installment in the Shonen Jump vs. Capcom series of game, The first being One Piece + Street Fighter. This game borrows almost all the stages from it's prequel One Piece + Street Fighter with the only difference being color swaps along with 3 brand new stages as well.

Name: Shonen Jump X Street Fighter

Genre: Fighting

Platform:Arcade, PlayStation Vita, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360

Number of Players: 1-2 Players

Rating: T for (Teen)

Publisher: Capocm

Release Date: Jpn: Nov/30/11 - Aus: Dec/5/11 - USA: Dec/20/11


The Gameplay mechanics are almost that of the same just as in One Piece + Street Fighter with minor improvements. For example some moves have been altered in order to either increase attacks or to nerf them, Also combo loops have been reduce due to the previous game having problems with this as well as other functions fixed.Unlike the game before in One Piece + Street Fighter where Omega originally took the role as the games final boss here he only appears as a Sub-Boss while the new Boss is Xross Gouken, A very amped up powerful version of Shin Gouken with a shared ability with Omega called the "Colapso Demensional !!!". He was design to be more buffed then all characters available within the game in which he is properly balanced when fighting a 2 on 1 game.

Xross Meter:

In this game the Xross Meter replaces the Plus Meter in the previous game in which instead of boosting a characters attack cause them to transform into there upper levels giving some increase Speed, Strength, Power and adding more moves to there move set that can only be used when in this state, For Example if one player were to fill and activate the Xross Meter while playing as Ryu the character then transforms to Evil Ryu and now has access to move such as the Tenma Gou Shoru & Shuh Goku Satsu in which he dose not contain in his regular form, This transformation only last until the Xross Meter runs out which has been estimated to at least 1 minute.

Playable Characters

Shonen Jump Street Fighter
Son Goku (Xross - Super Sayin) Ryu (Xross - Satsui No Hado)
Monkey D. Luffy (Xross - Gear Second) Ken (Xross - Violent Ken)
Naruto Uzumaki (Xross - Sage Mode) Guile (Xross - Shadow)
Ichigo Kurosaki (Xross - Bankai) Abel (Xross - Dark Force)
Clare (Xross - Half Awakened Form) Chun-Li (Xross - Shadow Lady)
Pegasus Seiya (Xross - Gold Cloth) Ibuki (Xross - Geki Infused)
Cobra (Xross - Massive Artillery) Dhalsim (Xross - Yoga Master)
Lenalee (Xross - Crystal Type) Hokuto (Xross - Fan Maiden)
Sakura(Harano) (Xross - Taijutsu) Sakura(Kasugano) (Xross - Dark Sakura)
Ryotsu (Xross - Super Cop Power-Up) Dan (Xross - Karate Mask Power-Up)
Kinnikuman (Xross - Garlic Power-Up) Zangief (Xross - Mecha-Zangief)
Frieza (Xross - 100% Power Form) M.Bison/Vega(JPN) (Xross - Shin Bison/Vega)
Vegeta (Xross - Majin Vegeta) Akuma/Gouki(JPN) (Xross - Shin Akuma/Gouki)
Sub-Boss: Omega(Xross - N/A)
Boss: Xross Gouken (Xross - X Gouken)

Secret Characters:

Shonen Jump Street Fighter
Light(An all white version of Portagas D. Ace) (Xross - Sun) Gouken (Xross - Shin Gouken)
Xicor(A pallet swap Version of Goku based off the character from DragonBall AF) (Xross - SS5 Ultimate) Shen Long(A pallet swap version of Gouken based off the 1992 SF II Hoaks) (Xross - Shin Shen Long)
Helen( A pallet swap version of Clare based off the Character from Claymore) (Xross - Yoki Awakened) Go(A pallet swap version of Dan based off his dead father in which he makes his first appearance in a fighting game )(Xross - Ultimate Sasikyo Legend)
Hayate(A pallet swap version of Hokuto based off the Character from Street Fighter Ex) (Xross - Ki Sensei)



English Version:


Japanese Version:

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