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This is a book that features information on the show's cast and Muppets, the set, the Muppeteers, the animated and live-action film segments, and 130 episodes of Sesame Street's eighteenth season, as well as rare publicity and behind the scenes photos and screencaps of every episode. The book contains a bonus DVD containing episode 2277 along with 20 clips (seen and rare) from the show's eighteenth season.

Bonus ClipsEdit

  1. "Put Down the Duckie"
  2. Where Do I Belong?
  3. Twiddlebugs: Smoke Detector
  4. Peligro with Placido Flamingo
  5. Handclapping Chants
  6. Detective Work: Line and Dots
  7. Kermit News: Boston Tea Party
  8. The American Revolution: The National Bird
  9. "ZZ Blues"
  10. "Do De Rubber Duck"
  11. "Sing Your Synonyms"
  12. Carving a Wood Horse
  13. Monsterpiece Theater: The 39 Stairs
  14. "Alone In The Swamp"
  15. "Beautiful Baby"
  16. Counting Katydids
  17. The Letter of the Day
  18. "Ookyook Song"
  19. PIYN: Dentist & Bus Driver
  20. "On My Pond"

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