This is a book that features information on the show's cast and Muppets, the set, the Muppeteers, the animated and live-action film segments, and 130 episodes of Sesame Street's seventeenth season, as well as rare publicity and behind the scenes photos and screencaps of every episode. Guides to episode 2096, 2122, 2123, 2124, 2125, and 2208 contain descriptions and screencaps of several segments cut by Noggin's broadcast of "Sesame Street Unpaved". The book contains a bonus DVD containing episode 2096 along with 20 clips (seen and rare) from the show's seventeenth season.

Bonus Clips

  1. Henson Ball #3
  2. "Imagine That"
  3. "Grouch Girls Don't Want to Have Fun"
  4. The Count's Picnic
  5. Elmo's Trip
  6. Kermit News: Cooperation with Telly
  7. "One Fine Face"
  8. Sheep Shortage
  9. Ed Grimley and Henry: Clothesline
  10. Miami Mice with The Count
  11. Snuffleupa-Bus Stop
  12. Tony Danza: Twenty Love
  13. "I Heard My Dog Bark"
  14. "When Bert's Not Here"
  15. Here Is Your Life: Sneaker
  16. "A New Way to Walk" (Oinker Sisters)
  17. Elmo & Kermit: Post Office
  18. The Letter of the Day
  19. Two-Headed Monster: Seat Belts
  20. Meet The Baby (Miles is adopted)