This is a book that features information on the show's cast and Muppets, the set, the Muppeteers, the animated and live-action film segments, and 130 episodes of Sesame Street's first season, as well as rare publicity and behind the scenes photos and screencaps of every episode. Guides to episodes 43, 54, and 83 contain descriptions and screencaps of several segments cut by Noggin's broadcast of "Sesame Street Unpaved". The book contains a bonus DVD containing a TV special "This Way To Sesame Street" along with 20 clips (seen and rare) from the show's first season, including a never-before-seen original version of "Rubber Duckie" and "I've Got Two".

Bonus Clips

  1. "Rubber Duckie" (original)
  2. "I've Got Two" (original)
  3. "Henson #5 Song"
  4. Elevator 1-10
  5. "If I Knew You Were Coming"
  6. Elephant Trunk
  7. "Yellow Submarine"
  8. "Five People In My Family"
  9. What Happens Next Machine
  10. James Earl Jones: Alphabet
  11. First and Last
  12. "Jazz 8"/I 8 the Sandbox
  13. PIYN: Dentist & Bus Driver
  14. "Roosevelt Franklin's Alphabet"
  15. Professor Hastings: Emotions
  16. Buddy & Jim: Wall Painting
  17. Batman & Robin: Dirty Windows
  18. "Beginnings Song"
  19. Michael Cooney: "Sesame Street Girls"
  20. Wanna Buy an 8?

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