Servo, and his Black Bear Maximal partner, Survive, try their best to protect the Heroes Alliance from their respective enemies Kilokahn and the Predacons!


  • Sam Collins and the rest of the Heroes Alliance: "Let's Samuraize, Guys!"
  • Survive: "Survive, Maximize!" (transforms from black bear mode to robot mode)
  • Optimus Prime: "Wow!"
  • Red Power Ranger: "I've never seen you transform, Sam Collins, into our Servo!"
  • Greymon: "Yes."
  • Spider-Man: "My spider-sense is tingling! Kilokahn is coming!"

(Meanwhile, in Castle Megamo,,,)

  • Kilokahn: "Let me take care of those meat-things, my lord!"
  • Megamo: "Don't fail me!"
  • Kilokahn: "Yes, my lord!"

(Meanwhile, at the Heroes Alliance Base...)

  • Stampy: "Yes. Although you have to... Oh no!"
  • Isaac the Earth Adept: "What is it?"
  • Stampy: "As Peter Parker would tell you, it is Kilokahn!"
  • Kilokahn: "Bye-Bye, rabbit! A-heh heh heh heh!!"
  • Stampy: "Servo! Protect us!"
  • Kilokahn: "Gah! Servo! You? Again?!"
  • Servo: "That is right, Kilokahn."
  • Survive: "And me as well!"
  • Kilokahn: "Get them, Predacons!"
  • Survive: "Predacons! Oh no!"
  • Servo: "I'll take care of these!"
  • Kilokahn: "Strika, Obisidian, Vehicons! Get them!"
  • Strika: "With pleasure, Kilokahn!"
  • Obisidian: "My love Strika and my Vehicons will beat Servo to the ground!"
  • Servo: "Too many? How? I'll take care of this! Super-Human Samurai Syber-Squad! Form up!"

(As Servo transforms into the Super-Human Samurai Syber-Squad Robot....)

  • Kilokahn: "Retreat!"
  • All of the Heroes Alliance: "Yeah! Come on! Let's get it on! Forever!"


  • Malcom Frink: "Kilokahn?"
  • Kilokahn: "The meat-thing whom I worked with! Malcom Frink! It's time to join forces once again!"

(Later, at the Heroes Alliance Base...)

  • Optimus Prime: "Well done, Survive and Servo!" (All applaused)

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