Scooby Doo is reborn and is more cooler and Funnier at the same time! He is also the Dog agent of W.Y.R.M. a secret organization that stops what goes bump in the night!

The Gang

Scooby Doo - He is still that lovable, funny, "Ham" that everyone loves, he has a new collar, and a New name tag (instead of Diamond Shape, it's an Oval shaped), he is in love with a Dalmatian named "Roseta" instead of Frank Welker is the voice and relps, it's Kevin Michael Richardson!

Shaggy Rogers - still that Cowardly and hungry friend of Scooby Doo, he left his old baggy cloths behind He wears Shorts, and Flipflops, and has a Green Jacket, He is more like a Hippie and has a ponytail, He also has a crush on Velma like in Scooby doo: Mystery Inc only more confedent, wish he could be like that with Monsters! Matthew Lillard reprises his role!

Fred Jones - Leader more sterdy and doesn't like being called a kid, He has a millitary cut hair, He is more into action and plans, and is more like the old days version which was a mature leader, instead of an idiot version in the 20's incarnate! He has a Captain America similar outfit and is morelike a great leader and takes responsiblities! He is voiced by Josh Keaton, Frank Welker voices his father!

Velma Dinkley - The brains of the bunch, She wears a labcoat over her classic outfit, she is in love with Shaggy, she is often the one they call a "Doubter" because of her thinking of "No Such Thing as Monsters", she is voiced by once again Mindy Cohn!

Daphne Blake - She is the fashion Diva and Girlfriend of Fred Jones, She is similar to Clover from Totally spies, only she knows how to make a punch and how to take things seriously, She is a rad surfur (like in Aloha Scooby Doo, and in the What's New Scooby Doo series"), She is unlike the original, 13 Ghosts, and What's New series, she is styled similar to the style of Clothing Jean Grey in "X-Men: Evolution"!, She is voiced by Cree Summer!


  • Julian Cress (George Newbern) - the head of W.Y.R.M., seems to like Scooby and the gang alot


Muk-Man (Grant Moninger) - the first monster revealed to be created by Dr. Ivan Schek! in the first episode

The Masked Hunter (Nick Chinlund) - the second monster, Jason Esther of the Plumbing company!

The Mermaid (Kari Wahlgren) - the third monster, abducted Daphne, Beki Sue Long

Crom Crouch (Vincent D. Onofrio) - The Fourth Monster


Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary
1 W.Y.R.M. June 26, 2013

After solving the mystery of the Planispheric Mystery, the Gang are recruited to an organization called, W.Y.R.M. (short for World, Youth, Research, Mysteries!) to hunt down a monster known as the Muk-Man.

Suspect: Dr. Ivan Schek/Muk-Man, Reason: to Bring the Science Community to see his vision and Brain!


2 The Hunter July 3, 2013 A hunter sneaks in and starts hunting students in a high school.
3 Blunder the Sea July 10, 2013 Daphne is transformed into a mermaid by a mermaid who switches places with her.

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