An idea of an american-made anime base on the canidan animated series Scaredy Squirrel.The anime is best described as Bomberman Jetters meets Tenjho Tenge. Wich this project should also count to be Scaredy Squirrel's second season. It shall have some new character, mostly human.

Non-Scardey Squirrel characters should also include Stereo (Space Goofs), Professor Pampelmoose (Sidekick) and Echinda Ninja (made-up character by Tommy Lopez, who should have his own franchise). Echinda shall only apper as a guest star in one episode.

Cast Suggestions

  • Quinton Flynn-Scardey
  • Jim Cummings-Dave the Skunk
  • Rachel Hirschfeld-Brianne, a blonde human girl, age 10
  • Jeff Bennett-Stereo
  • John Kassir-Dre, a blonde human boy w/ glasses (no relation to Brianne), age 17
  • Paul Rugg-Bruce, a red-head human boy and Dre's best friend, age 16
  • Maurice LaMarche-Mentor, an elderly old man who the leader of Brianne's group
  • Charlies Adler-Nester
  • Tom Kenny-Paddy
  • Mark Hamil-Apollo, a bounty hunter and an antagonist along with Nester, Paddy and Pampelmoose.
  • Danny Mann-Professor Pampelmoose
  • Kari Wahlgren-Echinda Ninja (One episode only)

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