4 teenagers visit a strange abandoned motel with purple lights, and spider webs. They must act quickly to survive their worst fears.


October 25, 2017


  • Lucas Range (Ryan Kelley) - has a fear of Raptors, in the end, He faced the Raptors, and saves Lilly!
  • Lilly Van Ryker (Ellen Page) - has a fear of dolls that haunt her, in the end, She out grows her childish fear, and befriends Mortimor!
  • Corneilius Martin (Jonah Hill) - has a fear of monster puppies, in the end, gets his nerves and gain the courage!
  • Felix H. Quint (Rupert Grint) - has a fear of clowns, in the end, laughs at the Clowns!
  • Mortimor Johnson (Liam Neeson) - creepy old man who Lucas, Lilly, Corneilius and Felix believe that he is trying to attack him, in the end, becomes the new head of the Hotel!
  • Marcus Jagger (Alan Rickman) - the creepy manager of the hotel, based off Mok Swagger from Rock and Rule!, in the end, gets in an Asylum, and revealed to have a fear of Owls!



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