Future samanta

Samantha Tennyson

Samanatha Tennyson is housewife and a scientist. She is loveble and respect woman. She was retired as WOOHP member.

Character Relationships

  • Ben Tennyson aka Ben 10,000 - Husband/Once boyfriend
  • Kenny Tennyson - Son
  • Cammy Tennyson - Daughter
  • Max Tennyson - Grandfather-in-law
  • Kevin Levin - Cousin-in-law
  • Gwen Levin - Cousin-in-law
  • Devlin Levin - Nephew
  • Amy Levin - Niece
  • Clover - Best friend
  • Alex Mystery - Best friend
  • Kce Kuran - Adoptive daughter
  • Ichigo Kurosaki - Ex.boyfriend

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