An upcoming interactive manga special featuring Sam Manson of "Danny Phantom" written and illustrated by Jay Hughes. In this manga, Sam has received a treasure map which leads to a treasure somewhere in the ocean. In order to go on an imaginary treasure hunt, Sam packs her swimsuit, towel, fold-up wagon, rope, flashlight, binoculars, and carbon surgical masks into her backpack and leads the reader to it. She leaves the house, walks down the sidewalk, enters the park, climbs up the hill, runs down the other side, jumps a fence, realizes that she's in the marshland, goes straight through the mangrove swamp instead of taking the shortcut to the beach while wearing a mask to avoid smelling it, stops at the other side of the swamp, crawls under a thorny bush leading to the beach, uses her binoculars to look ahead at the cave, races to it, stops and notices coconut crabs guarding the cave, climbs a rope to the tree to gather coconuts, enters the cave, looks for the underwater cavern with a flashlight, finds it, changes into her swimsuit, puts on a nearby scuba tank and dive mask, dives into the cavern, finds a treasure chest with an octopus, gets grappled by it, escapes its tentacles, tries to lift the chest, sees the giant squid who mistakes it for its food and eats it until it spits it out of its mouth and lands on the entrance to the cave, swims back into the cave in order to get changed back to her clothes, exits the cave, unfolds a fold-up wagon, and takes it home, doing things in reverse order. Once there, she opens the chest revealing gold coins, worth $100 each. But, oh dear, what should Sam do with the money?