the second episode of Kid CRAZY


Sal trips Burt and Zed on a Field trip, causing them to plunge into a shark pit and get attacked by sharks. Burt and Zed plan to get revenge by injecting a thumbtack with salami DNA substance and getting it into Sal's body by hi fiving Sal, with the thumbtack taped to burt's hand, Sal wonders why it hurt, and Biurt and Zed threaten to scrap MOSH if MOASH tells Sal. Then they watch as Sal turns into salami. Then MOSH tells, but Burt and Zed have mercy on MOSH. and watch as Sal transforms into salami forever, then, Burt, Zed, and MOSH feed the Sal-ami to the sharks that maimed them earlier

Last Appearence: Sal


Rosearik Rikki Simmons as Burt, MOSH

James Arnold Taylor as Zed, House computer

Grey DeLeslie as Ms. Snailtrail

Eliza Schneider as MITZI, Kara

Janice Kawaye as Sara

Dee Bradley Baker as Sal

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