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This is an english adaption of Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. However, It Was Never Released In US, Because this Having Repurposed Series.

Normal Episodes

  • 83. Love's Blinding Fortune
  • 84. Pet Shop Frenzy
  • 85. The Melody of Love
  • 86. Night Fright
  • 87. Mina's Blast From The Past
  • 88. American-Made Episode
  • 89. Rini's Dinosaur Finding

Stars Episodes

  • Nehelenia Returns
  • Saturn Awakes
  • Tuxedo Mask Trapped
  • Sailor Scout Agony
  • The Destined Night
  • Endless Battle Of Forever
  • The Nightmare Perishes
  • Be A Star
  • The First Male Sailor Scout?!
  • Galaxia's Evil Idol
  • The Fighter's True Form
  • Taiki
  • Heroic Yaten
  • Friend Or Foe
  • The War
  • Seiya And Serena's Date
  • Sailor Siren Evilly Comes In
  • Serena's Pinch
  • The Heart Of Taiki
  • Rini's Mystery
  • Rini Transforms
  • The Night Of Serena
  • Confrontation
  • Much Ado About Seiya
  • A New Wave
  • The Last Monster
  • The Stealing Of The Silver Crystal
  • Legends
  • Galaxia's Battle
  • The Princess Dies
  • The Death Of The Sailor Scouts
  • Evil Empress Galaxia
  • The End Of Uranus And Neptune
  • Final Battle For The Cosmos
  • The End

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