The second in command of the 40 thieves, Sa'luk desires to seize power from the King of Thieves and gain control over the legendary Hand of Midas. At first, he is in league with the Horned King's Alliance up to his defeat at the hands of Aladdin in the thieves duel. Afterwards, he ends up being recruited by Merlock to serve as his minion until Mozenrath can finish reviving Jafar. Once Cassim defeats Sa'luk by tricking him into grabbing the Hand of Midas by its hand, Merlock gets rid of the thief for outliving his usefulness by using the darkness in Sa'luk's heart to make him a Heartless, then captures the thief's heart to use as a sacrifice for Jafar's Renmant.

Sa'Luk's Heartless Guard

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