Following the conclusion of The Dark Knight Rises, Robin John Blake inherits the Batcave, and becomes Robin. The Commissioner Gordon takes care of his daughter, Barbara. When Waylon Jones is shot in the leg, he gets one experiment from Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow, as he becomes Killer Croc, and plans to flood Gotham.




  • Robin John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt)
  • Barbara Gordon (Ellen Page)
  • Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman)
  • Alfred Pennyworth (Michael Caine)
  • Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman)
  • Killer Croc (Rhys Ifans) - the main antagonist, plans to flood Gotham
  • Deadman (Willem Defoe) - helps Robin survive his task as Robin
  • Harvey Bullock (John Goodman)
  • Dick Grayson (Shia LaBeouf)



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