The Raid on Agrabah is The Minor Campaign that has introduced many heartless that has summoned by jafar. But Aladdin that Become the alliance of Universe to Defeat the three villains on agrabah and blasted away.




Heroic Commanders

Autobot Alliance of Universe

Princesses of Heart / Female Autobots

Decepticon University and Forces of Evil



Pureblood Heartless

Emblem Heartless



ALADDIN: 'We're Pinned Down! Agrabah is Under attack!' (Fat Bandit's Fireball destroys the Building) 'That was a Little too close! All Units, i want to stop the heartless and decepticon infantry and i want the alliance of universe need us! Over and Out!'
CAPTAIN KIRK: 'Bones? Agrabah is giving a heartless attack. We Need Autobot Infantry to take it out.'
LEONARD McCOY: 'I Should've know about the attack, Jim. I Have to do something.'
SORA: 'God. All Units, prepare for the next battle! All Heroes let's Roll!'
(Autobot Infantries march to the frigates before it lands)
SORA: 'All Right, I Want to Save Aladdin and stop Jafar, Sa'luk and Mozenrath!'
SAILOR MOON: 'But we must go to agrabah and obliterate the heartless and decepticons!'
SHINN ASUKA: 'We're on it! All Units let's Roll out!'
(Five Starships approaches and deploy autobot frigates and dropships to agrabah)
AUTOTROOPER #1: 'Steady as he goes, autobots. Let's roll, one damn thing at the time! Geromino!!!'
(Autotroopers and Sora Freefall to agrabah and landed on town)
SORA: 'Aladdin!'
ALADDIN: 'Sora! That Three Warriors summoned all heartless and destroying the plaza!'
SORA: 'Why?'
ALADDIN: 'Because jafar was destroying the plaza! We Want the Soldiers, Destroy all enemies!'
SORA: 'Let's do it!'


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