DEMI: 'Oh, If Only I Could Reconnect Sora, Donald, Goofy and Miley, Maybe, They'll Hear Me!'

(PLUTO Barks)

CANDACE: 'I Almost Busting Phineas and Ferb!'

COW: 'Chicken, Here's Your Money!'

CHICKEN: 'Thanks, Cow! Boneless Chicken's Safe!'

HADES: 'Those little squirts took down those Heartless! Who’d have thought it?'
JAFAR: 'Such is the power of the Keyblade! The Girl's Strength is Not Her Own!'
URSULA: 'Why don’t We turn Her into Heartless? (cackles) That’ll settle things quick enough.'
CAPTAIN HOOK: 'And the Girls were The Fireside Girls! Friends of Phineas and Ferb! Swoggle me eyes, they’re all bilge rats by the look of them.'
OOGIE BOOGIE: 'You’re no prize yourself. (laughs)'
MALEFICENT: 'Enough. The Keyblade has chosen Demi Lovato! Will it be She who conquers the darkness? Or will the darkness swallow her? Either way, She could be quite useful...'

PRINCE CHARMING: (to the other villains) 'Once upon a time, someone decided that we were the losers! There are two sides to every story, and our side has not been told! So, who will join me?! Who wants to come out on top for once?! Who wants their happily ever after?!'

MALEFICENT: 'O purest of hearts, reveal to me the χ-blade!'

XEMNAS: 'You have opened the door to nothingness.' (connecting to Slavesville) 'Soon the emptiness will shatter your heart... in the forgotten world of nothingness! As harmony yields to discord, and distorted oblivion devours you to disorder... drown in the power of darkness!'

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