A boy with black hair, pale skin, pointy ears and black clothing is banished into the human world by his father for trying to learn what humanity is, and for letting them go. And he meets his brother, who was banished too, and he falls in love with a human girl, then he realizes that his father is disobeying his ways of romance with a human, and something has gone wrong in his world.


September 13, 2013


  • Greg Neil/ Gregeneil (James Franco) - a boy with black hair, pale skin, pointy ears and black clothing, the prince of Sorona, in the end, proclaims Monica his queen!
  • Zacheneil (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) - Greg's brother, in the end, regains his right!
  • Monica Welles (Megan Fox) - Greg's human love interest, their relationship is based off Beauty and the Beast, in the end, is proclaimed the Future Queen!
  • Kyle Welles (Stanley Tucci) - Monica's father, in the end, has a word with Coreneil!
  • Sabrina Welles (Famke Janssen) - Monica's mother, who allows Greg to drive with her so he can have a place to stay, and seems quite fond of the way he flirts with her daughter, Monica, in the end, confronts Visyilia, and curses her, then returns to her family!
  • Gayden Welles (Miles Elliot) - Monica's little brother, in the end, writes Sorona as a story!
  • Coreneil (Ian McKellen) - Greg's father and king of Sorona, who forbids him to know much about humanity because of the Truth He concealed with the Forbiddon Arts, in the end, apologizes to his sons for his secrets, and proclaims Kyle his new counciler!
  • Betheneil (Judi Dench) - Greg's mother and queen of Sorona, who is pleasant with their son to marry Monica, in the end, She is seen at the Rose garden with Coreneil!
  • Ryaneil (Tom Hiddleston) - Greg's brother, wears a design similar to Dartz from Yu-Gi-Oh!, in the end, reunites with Zacheneil!
  • Visyilia (Angelina Jolie) - main antagonist, and the main reason of Coreneil's ways, her goal is to devour the kingdoms will and strentgh!, near the end, she uses the Forbidden Arts to turn herself into a dragon to destroy the castle of Silver Mountain, in the end, was forever cursed a Dragon!



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