Professor Ratigan

The Napoleon of Crime. Ratigan is a criminal mastermind, able to create the most elaborate of schemes, but can become insanely deranged when reminded that he is a "sewer rat".

Role in Reconnect

In Kingdom Hearts III: Reconnect, Ratigan was recruited by Maleficent into the Alliance of Villains Vale because of his evil intellect. He was given control over the Heartless, but Maleficent warned him not to succumb to the rage and anger in his heart, lest the Heartless consume his heart.

Ratigan makes plans to take over Mousedom by replacing the Queen with a robotic fake built by a toymaker named Hiram Flaversham, whom he has Fidget kidnap. He will then have the real Queen fed to Felicia, ensuring his reign as permanent King of Mousedom. However, Basil and Dr. Dawson foil these plans with help from the toymaker's daughter, Olivia. Unfortunately, Ratigan, with help from Fidget, kidnaps Olivia and threatens to kill her if they attempt to stop his escape. Basil, Dawson, and Flaversham pursue Ratigan above London on hot air balloons, and Basil and Ratigan crash into Big Ben.


Ratigan's Heartless

Inside the clock tower, Basil and Ratigan fight atop the gears of the clock tower, and with help from Olivia, Basil traps Ratigan by throwing his cape in the gears. The two mice then escape, finally sending Ratigan over the edge, thereby allowing the anger and hatred in his heart to turn him into a Heartless. Breaking free from the gears, he pursues Basil, destroying his suit in the process and transforming from a very formal, composed rat to a highly savage one. Finally, he extends his long and strong fingernails, poking through his gloves, and begins scratching Basil continuously, ripping his clothes and clawing his flesh. Ratigan falls to his death in an epic confrontation with Basil on Big Ben's clock hands.

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