Is a live Action GI Joe series on COMING TO ABC OR CW Sometime in TOWARDS THE END OR MIDDLE OF 2012. Channing Tatum will play Duke and will be the leader of his Joes but everybody things the Joes will Cobra Hiss thinks they all are dead put Duke's children and others sirvied and under General Abernathy. Makes them G.I. Flacons they are in hiding from Cobra Hiss watch makes Hiss Industries and Cobra Industries. Now the Flacons must find there parntes and take down Cobra.


1|Ambush| Duke and his Joe's are ambush at the HQ in the dreseret most of them are dead put there children. Duke Jr, Lady Tee, Flint Jr, and Domic Hauser, Diggy Hasuer, Barbecue, Monkeywrench, Big Red, Buzzer, Road Pig, Josh Abernathy, Snake Shadow , Ripstrom and more.Now they go to General Abernathy for hlep he gives them the name "Private Flacons" or "G.I. Flacons". They run into Zaratan x, Flyfire, Storm Wave and defeat them an get a new wepaons, a new HQ, new rides. Before the episode ends we see that Cobra took Duke and the others captive.
2|GO! Falcons| Now Duke and the others try to esacpe from Cobra meanwhile Domic, and Diggy try to catch Spornok an Drill. Also the other Falcons try to fight off a army of Bio-Vipers from attacking Chiacgo ctiy.
3|Bounty Joe's| A bounty hunter that is working for Cobra Hiss wonts Domic's, and Diigy's head. For King Commander Cobra to turn them both into viper-venom hybrids but the bothers are not giving up yet so now Go Flacons.
4|Human Viper(part 1)| Now we know Duke, Ripcord are hybrids as will and the Hauser boys are very upset
5|Hybrid Viper(part 2)|
13|Safe House|
15|Mind To The Bind|
16|Joes vs Flacons|


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