PPGD Capcom Guest
Blossom Ryu Cole MacGraith
Bubbles Chun-Li

Luigi & Fegelein (friends)

Buttercup Batsu Panty & Stocking
Dexter Phoenix Wright Fionna & Cake
Boomer Morrgian Marceline
Mandark Hagger Gumball
Billy Viewtiful Joe Spongebob
Atomic Betty Megaman Volnutt Ian Isberto
Jenny Tron Bonne Ben Tennyson
Butch Chris Redfield Toon Link
Megas(Giant Character 1st) Gutsman G(Giant Character 1st)

Optimus Prime(Giant Character 1st)

Powerpuff Girls Dynamo(Giant Character 2nd) PTX-40A(Giant Character 2nd) Giant R.O.B.(Giant Character 2nd)


PPGD Capcom


Sensei Jack Nemesis T-Type
Mandy Zero

Ultimate Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi Vs Capcom

PPGD Capcom
Zim Wesker
Ultimate Blossom Dante
Angel Dee Dee Vergil
Brat Firebrand
Mini Mandy Strider Hiryu
Mandoid Megaman

Frank West

Final Boss

Final Boss

Shira Akuma (Shira Bell & Akuma fused)


Open Theme Is
Kamen Rider Decade Full Op04:35

Kamen Rider Decade Full Op

Journey Through The Decade

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