1) Aunt Stacy is in no way close to your parental figure. if anything I am closer to being your parental figure than she is seeing as she has spent a great majority of her life making sure he doesn't blow himself up.

2) real talk man Chris is most def Buttercup. Both of them like to act tough but are easy to upset. They get embarassed and they lash out with physical violence. they resort to physicality and believe that they can take on any opponent regardless of size or strength. I believe the slingshot incident (along with many unnamed others) proves that he likes to start shit just for the sake of starting shit.

3) As i've said numerous times ELISA is more like Blossom personality wise. She runs this shit. She's the smartest out of them and definitely the most clear headed.

4) ALEX IS BUBBLES. kind of ditzy and childish and easily amused but at the same time just as prone to violence and with a definite ability to kick ass.

Old Cast

  • Alexandros as Blossom
  • Christian as Bubbles
  • Elisa as Buttercup

New Cast

  • Elisa as Blossom
  • Alexandros as Bubbles
  • Christian as Buttercup

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