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Power Rangers
Directed by Steven Spielberg
Produced by M. Night Shyamalan, Kathleen Kennedy, Jun Hikasa, Kazou Kato
Executive Producers Shuki Levy, Jonathan Tzachor, Gen Sato, Motoi Sasaka
Written by M. Night Shyamalan, Jim Kouf, Ross MaLanna
Based on Power Rangers by Haim Saban and Super Sentai by Shotaro Ishinomori
Narrated by Jackie Chan
Starring Billy Unger, Trevor Jackson, Jake Short, Piper Curda, Amber Montana, William Shatner, TBA, Lucas Cruikshank, Paul Schrier, Pam Grier, Tom Hiddleston
Music by Steve Jablonsky featuring the Aquabats
Cinematography Amir Mokri
Editing by David Brenner
Studio SCG Power Rangers, Toei Company Ltd., Amblin Entertainment, Blinding Edge Pictures, The Kennedy/Marshall Company
Distributed by Columbia Pictures
Release Date Summer 2016/2017
Country of Origin USA, Japan

Sometime in 2016 or 2017, there will be a live-action Power Rangers movie based on the Power Rangers television franchise. It will retell Mighty Morphin, and it will be darker and edgier than the actual show season.


Thousands of years ago, the evil witch Rita Repulsa and her evil army attacked Zordon's home planet of Eltar. So, Zordon and his soldiers fought back, and sealed her up in a strange container, and sent it to the moon. At present day, NASA discovered that container on the moon during their missions, and start experimenting on it. Zordon found out that tampering it will spell disasterous results, so he and his servant Alpha 5 set up a Command Center somewhere in California, so he can prepare for another battle against evil. Later, Rita and her servants break free of imprisonment, and killed NASA scientists who were witnesses. And she vows to conquer Earth as her next step to rule the universe. So, Zordon enlists Alpha 5 to recruit five extraordinary teenagers to fend off Rita's advance. They then give them magical Power Coins and collossal Dinozords as ...the Power Rangers!!!


  • Billy Unger-Jason Lee Scott/Voice of Red Ranger
  • Trevor Jackson-Zack Taylor/Voice of Black Ranger
  • Jake Short-Billy Cranston/Voice of Blue Ranger
  • Piper Curda-Trini Kwan/Voice of Yellow Ranger
  • Amber Montana-Kimberly Hart/Voice of Pink Ranger
  • William Shatner as Zordon
  • TBA as Bulk
  • Lucas Cruikshank as Skull
  • Paul Schrier as Ernie, manager of Angel Grove's youth center. Schrier played Bulk in the original show.
  • Pam Grier as Rita Repulsa
  • Tom Hiddleston as Lokar
  • Austin St. John as Derek Scott, Jason's father and personal trainer. Austin St. John played Jason in the original show.


  • Frank Welker as vocals of Dinozords, Megazord, the Putty Patrol, and Cyclopsis
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Goldar
  • Jeff Bennett as Baboo
  • Travis Willingham as Squatt
  • Jim Ward as Finster
  • Corey Burton as Alpha 5 and Cardiotron
  • Fred Tatasciore as Bones/Eyeguy
  • Rob Paulsen as Lizzonator
  • Brian Posehn as Pudgy Pig
  • David Kaye as King Sphinx and Minotaur
  • John DiMaggio as Commander Crayfish


Power Morpher-each Ranger possess these to transform. Their respective Power Coin were added on.

Communicator-worn on wrists. They're used to communicate, as well as teleporting.


Blade Blasters: sidearms of the Rangers

Power Blaster: a powerful cannon combined by five special weapons.

  • Power Sword: Red Ranger's special weapon strong enough to cut steel and solid rock.
  • Power Axe: Black Ranger's special weapon that also doubles as an enforcer.
  • Power Lance: Blue Ranger's special weapon that can split into two weapons.
  • Power Daggers: Yellow Ranger's special weapon consisting of two daggers for double combat.
  • Power Bow: Pink Ranger's special weapon that fires a deadly arrow.


  • Zords will be in CGI.

Tyrannosaurus: Red Ranger's T-Rex zord.

Mastodon: Black Ranger's Wooly Mammoth zord.

Triceratops: Blue Ranger's Triceratops zord.

Sabertooth Tiger: Yellow Ranger's Smilodon zord.

Pteradactyl: Pink Ranger's Pteranodon zord.

  • Megazord(combo of the five zords you see above). The Megazord appears at the final battle.


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