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This page is for listing ideas.

Toon Force Power RangersEdit

Following the severance of Toon Force Power Rangers' link to the Morphing Grid. The Super Sentai ranger that each applicable character got as his/her new power will be listed in parenthesis after their name.

Power Ranger Spirits (Goranger basis)Edit

"The Combination of the Red Warrior Spirits ~ AkaRed!"
"The Combination of the Wise Warrior Spirits ~ AoBlue!"
"The Combination of the Strong Warrior Spirits ~ KiYellow!"
"The Combination of the Female Warrior Spirits ~ MomoPink!"
"The Combination of the Wild Warrior Spirits ~ MidoGreen!"
"The Combination of the Extra Warrior Spirits ~ MiraiFuture!"
"We are Proof of Humanity's Virtues! Power Ranger Spirits!"

Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Zyuranger/Dairanger basis)Edit

"Element of Water ~ GodzillaRanger!"
"Element of Fire ~ TyrannoRanger!"
"Element of Ice ~ MammothRanger!"
"Element of Earth ~ TriceraRanger!"
"Element of Flowers ~ SaberRabger"
"Element of Wind ~ PteraRanger!"
"Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!"

"LeoRanger ~ Power of the Thunderbolt!"
"DragonRanger ~ Power of the Dragon Fire!"
"ShisaRanger ~ Power of Illusion!"
"UnicornRanger ~ Power of Gravity!"
"ChirinRanger ~ Power of Time!"
"PhoenixRanger ~ Power of the Hurricane!"
"We've got the Powers of Heaven! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!"


JAKQ Party (JAKQ basis)Edit

Live Rangers (Liveman basis)Edit

Ninja Ewoks (Kakuranger basis)Edit

"Spirit of the Crane ~ NinjaWhite!"
"Spirit of the Ape ~ NinjaRed!"
"Spirit of the Bear ~ NinjaYellow!"
"Spirit of the Wolf ~ NinjaBlue!"
"Spirit of the Frog ~ NinjaBlack!"
"Rangers from the moon of Endor ~ Ninja Ewoks! Full power, power of light, powers unite!"

  • Doron Changers
  • Secret Sword Kakuremaru
  • Kakulasers
    • Laser Knives
  • Shinobi Knuckles
    • White Beak
    • Red Slicer
    • Yellow Claw
    • Blue Shot
    • Black Bow
  • Kakuranger Balls
  • Thunder Sword Hikarimaru

Zeometry Students (Ohranger basis)Edit

"Zeometry Students... Rangers ready!"

  • Power Braces
  • King Brace
  • Big Bang Buster
    • King Smashers
      • King Blasters
      • Battle Sticks
    • Star Riser
    • Square Crushers
    • Delta Tonfas
    • Twin Batons
    • Circle Defense
  • Giant Roller
  • King Stick
  • Ole Bazooka
  • Super-Power Dynamite Attack

Turbo Rangers (Carranger basis)Edit

  • Accel Changers & Accel Keys
  • Navick Blaster
    • Auto Blasters/Auto Punishers
    • Car Navick/Navick Shot
  • ViBlades
  • Giga Formula/Formula Nova
    • Fender Sword
    • Muffler Guns
    • Engine Cannon
    • Side Knuckles
    • Bumper Bow
  • Signizer/Gun Mode/Police Baton Mode
  • Riddle Bombs
  • VRV Ruby
  • Laser Blaster
  • Giga Booster/Booster Jet/Booster Cannon

Star Rangers (Megaranger basis)Edit

  • Digitizers
  • Drill Sniper Custom
    • Drill Saber
    • Mega Sniper
      • Mega Magnum
      • Mega Shot
  • Multi Attack Rifle
    • Mega Rod
    • Mega Tomahawk
    • Mega Sling
    • Mega Capture
  • Battle Riser
  • Ketaizer
  • Silver Blazer
  • Mega Tector

GoGo Lightspeed (GoGo-V basis)Edit

Time Travelers (Timeranger basis)Edit

Weather Ninjas (Hurricaneger basis)Edit


Special Patrol Delta (Dekaranger basis)Edit

Mystic Rangers (Magiranger basis)Edit

"The Blazing, Hellish Fire Element! ~ Heavenly Hero Wolzard Fire!"
"The Shining Solar Element! ~ Heavenly Hero MagiShine!"
"The Serene Moonlight Element! ~ Heavenly Saint Lunagel!"
"The Sparkling Ice Element! ~ White Mage MagiSnow!"
"The Rolling Earth Element! ~ Green Mage (Legend) MagiGreen!"
"The Blowing Wind Element! ~ Pink Mage (Legend) MagiPink!"
"The Shaking Water Element! ~ Blue Mage (Legend) MagiBlue!"
"The Grumbling Thunder Element! ~ Yellow Mage (Legend) MagiYellow!"
"The Burning Flame Element! ~ Red Mage (Legend) MagiRed!"
"Our bond of courage will open the way to the future! Mystic Rangers!"

Magizords, Legendzords, and Holyzords
Shared Spells
  • 106 - Maagi Magi Magiiro: Magical Henshin spell (MagiMother, MagiGreen, MagiPink, MagiBlue, MagiYellow, MagiRed)
    • 1006 - Maagi Magi Magi Magiiro: Super Magical Henshin spell (MagiGreen, MagiPink, MagiBlue, MagiYellow, MagiRed)
  • Goolu Golu Goldiiro: Heavenly Henshin spell (MagiShine, Lunagel)
  • Goolu Golu Golu Goldiiro: Super Heavenly Henshin spell (Wolzard Fire)
  • Goolu Golu Goo Goo: Summon the Astro Droid trio: R2-B1, R2-R9, and R4-G9 (MagiShine)
  • Goolu Golu Golu Goo Goo: Summon Unigolon (Wolzard Fire, Lunagel)
  • Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Diddle-Dee-Dee-Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah-Docious

Overdrive Adventurers (Boukenger basis)Edit

Jungle Artists (Gekiranger basis) Edit

Hybrid Makers (Go-Onger basis) Edit

True Swordsmen (Shinkenger basis) Edit

Dino Webbers (Kyoryuger basis) Edit

Rail Trollers (ToQger basis) Edit

World Hunters (Battle Fever J basis) Edit

International Ninjas (Ninninger basis) Edit

Intergalactic Constellations (Kyuranger basis) Edit

Spy missionaries (Go-Busters basis) Edit

Mega Swashbucklers (Gokaiger basis) Edit

Other HeroesEdit

Cybertrons (VR Troopers spoof)Edit


Super Strong Warner SiblingsEdit


Ninja TurtlesEdit

InuYasha's groupEdit




A parody of the United Alliance of EvilEdit

The parody of the United Alliance of Evil is led by the Monarch of Evil, Dark Specter, and by his sucessor, Grimlord.


Dark Specter's successor, and the primary enemy of the Toon Force Power Rangers.

His minions include:

Evil Inventions
The Zanryuu GangEdit

Parody of the Bandora Gang and the Gorma Tribe

Drago Monsters
Main article: Monsters (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers → Power Rangers in Space)
Evil Warlord Master VileEdit
  • Blue Globbor

Prince CharmingEdit


Evil ZordsEdit

  • Dragozord Daijinryuu ("Serpentra") - Eastern Dragon (voiced by Robert Axelrod)
  • Drago Talos - Cyclops (voiced by Kerrigan Mahan)
  • Dark Insectizords
    • Insecti Longicorn - Longhorn Beetle (voiced by Richard Epcar)
    • Insecti Kabuto - Kabutomushi Beetle (voiced by Doug Stone)
    • Insecti Stag - Stag Beetle (voiced by Kerrigan Mahan)
    • Insecti Ladybug - Ladybug (voiced by Melora Harte)
    • Insecti Firefly - Firefly (voiced by Martin G. Metcalf)
    • Insecti Butterfly - Butterfly (voiced by Barbara Goodson)
  • Dragozord Clones (Dark versions of the Dinozords)
    • Drago Leonidas - Leo the Lion (Drak version of Dino Leo) (voiced by John Hurt)
    • Infernal Wagon - Chariot (Dark version of the Heavenly Qi Palace)
      • Dark Shisa - Shisa (Dark version of Star Shisa) (voiced by Keith Ferguson)
      • Dark Unicorn - Unicorn (Dark version of Star Unicorn) (voiced by Jess Harnell)
      • Dark Chirin - Chirin (Dark version of Star Chirin) (voiced by Steve Blum)
      • Dark Phoenix - Phoenix (Dark version of Star Phoenix) (voiced by Elizabeth Daily)
    • Dark Dragon - Chinese Dragon (Dark version of Star Dragon)
    • Dragozord Clone Ultimate Diamond Ryugu (Dark version of Ultimate Zordon) (voiced by Gerard Butler)
      • Dragozord Clone Supreme Diamond Ryugu (Dark version of Mega Zordon) (voiced by Gerard Butler)
        • Dragozord Clone Diamond Ryugu (Dark version of Beast Tank: DinoTanker/Zordon) (voiced by Gerard Butler)
          • Drago Tyran - Tyrannosaurus Rex (Dark version of Dino Tyranno) (voiced by Richard Epcar)
          • Drago Elephas - Woolly Mammoth (Dark version of Dino Mammoth) (voiced by Robert Axelrod)
          • Drago Ceratops - Triceratops (Dark version of Dino Tricera) (voiced by David Lodge)
          • Drago Tigra - Sabertoothed Tiger (Dark version of Dino Saber) (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
          • Drago Dactylus - Pteranodon (Dark version of Dino Ptera) (voiced by Wendee Lee)
      • Drago Zillasaurus - Mutated Godzillasaurus (Dark version of Dino Godzilla) (voiced by Frank Welker)
        • Dragozord Clone Gigano Dragon (Dark version of Zoltar) (voiced by Gerard Butler)
      • Drago Brchio - Brachiosaurus (Dark version of Dino Brachio) (voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo)
  • Ectomorphicon Titans
    • Hornitor - Hornet (voiced by Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer)
    • Scorpitron - Scorpion (voiced by Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer)
  • Dragozord Army Forces (voiced by Sarah Moore, Amy Martin-Cole, Michelle Amato, Greg Whipple, Randy Nichols, and Scott Harell)
  • Destructizord Army Forces (voiced by Sarah Moore, Amy Martin-Cole, Michelle Amato, Greg Whipple, Randy Nichols, and Scott Harell)
  • Torturezord Army Forces
  • Horrorzord Army Forces


Super Sentai

The music from the Super Sentai series will be performed by the New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.

  • "Legends" (伝説, Densetsu)
  • "Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger" (恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー, Kyōryū Sentai Jūrenjā)
  • "Gosei Sentai Dairanger" (五星戦隊ダイレンジャー, Gosei Sentai Dairenjā)
  • "J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai" (ジャッカー電撃隊, Jakkā Dengekitai)
  • "Secret Kakuranger" (シークレット カクレンジャー, Shikuretto Kakurenjā)
  • "Olé! Ohranger" (オーレ!オーレンジャー, Ōre! Ōrenjā)
  • "Gekisou Sentai Carranger ~Full Axle Version~" (激走戦隊カーレンジャー~フルアクセルヴァージョン~, Gekisō Sentai Kārenjā ~Furu Akuseru Vājon~)
  • "Denji Sentai Megaranger" (電磁戦隊メガレンジャー, Denji Sentai Megarenjā)
  • "Here are the Hurricanegers!" (ハリケンジャー参上!, Harikenjā Sanjō!)
  • "Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger" (特捜戦隊デカレンジャー, Tokusō Sentai Dekarenjā)
  • "Mahou Sentai Magiranger" (魔法戦隊マジレンジャー, Mahō Sentai Majirenjā)
  • "GoGo Sentai Boukenger" (轟轟戦隊ボウケンジャー, Gōgō Sentai Bōkenjā)

Background InformationEdit

  • The Zords' re-names are the following:
    • Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger - Dino Leo
    • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Shishi - Star Shisa
    • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Tenma - Star Unicorn
    • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Kirin - Star Chirin
    • Mythical Chi Beast Star-Houou - Star Phoenix
    • Heavenly Chi Palace - Heavenly Qi Palace
    • Mythical Chi Beast Ryuuseioh - Star Dragon
    • Super Mythical Chi Beast Daimugen - Daimugen
    • Heavy Armor Chi Palace - Heavy Armor Qi Palace
    • Guardian Beast Tyrannosaurus - Dino Tyranno
    • Guardian Beast ZyuMammoth - Dino Mammoth
    • Guardian Beast Triceratops - Dino Tricera
    • Guardian Beast SaberTiger - Dino Saber
    • Guardian Beast Pteranodon - Dino Ptera
    • Daizyujin - Zordon
    • Guardian Beast Dragon Caesar - Dino Godzilla
    • Gouryuujin - Zoltar
    • Zyutei Daizyujin - Mega Zordon
    • Beast Knight God King Brachion - Dino Brachio
    • Umtimate Daizyujin - Ultimate Zordon
    • Holy Stealth Beast Tsubasamaru - Ninja Falcon
    • Super Stealth Beast God Kark - Ninja Crane
    • Super Stealth Beast God Saruder - Ninja Ape
    • Super Stealth Beast God Kumard - Ninja Bear
    • Super Stealth Beast God Logan - Ninja Wolf
    • Super Stealth Beast God Gammer - Ninja Frog
    • Beast General Fighter Battle Kark - Battle White
    • Beast General Fighter Battle Saruder - Battle Red
    • Beast General Fighter Battle Kumard - Battle Yellow
    • Beast General Fighter Battle Logdan - Battle Blue
    • Beast General Fighter Battle Gammer - Battle Black
    • King Pyramider - King Pyramidas
    • Tackle Boy - Zeo Tackle
    • Red Blocker - Zeo Star
    • Green Blocker - Zeo Square
    • Blue Blocker - Zeo Triangle
    • Yellow Blocker - Zeo Equalsign
    • Pink Blocker - Zeo Circle
    • V-Fire - Rescue Fire
    • V-Police - Rescue Police
    • V-Dump - Rescue Dump
    • V-Dozer - Rescue Dozer
    • V-Rescue - Rescue Medic
    • Rovoyager-1 - Mega Robot
    • Shuttle Voyager-2 - Mega Shuttle
    • Rocket Voyager-3 - Mega Rocket
    • Saucer Voyager-4 - Mega Saucer
    • Tank Voyager-5 - Mega Tank
    • Mega Winger - Mega Jet
  • All the Zords will have wills of their own, like their Sentai counterparts.
  • Most of the Dragozord Army Forces have the forms of other beasts including: Vastatosaurs, Venatosaurs, Allosaurs, Velociraptors, Troodons, Titanosaurs, Rodans, Metriohynchuses, Pilosaurs, Dorats, Pulmonoscorpiuses, Meganulons, Western dragons, bats, mosquitos, ect., and cannot transform into their warrior forms like the others.
  • Most of the Evil Zord Army Forces haves the forms of Vulture-class droid starfighters, invaders, demons, flying saucers, pumpkins, rats, ravens, electric eels, hyenas, poaching dogs, griffins, piarte ships, ect., and cannot transform into their warrior forms like the others.

Allusions in alphabetical orderEdit

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